Star Wars Battlefront 2 patch broke image

I have made an image using Alchohol and mounting it through Daemon Tools 4 (and hid the emulation with SR7 Stop) and it worked perfectly, but now with the latest patch for the game it gives me a message about emulation being detected.

My question is, is there something to hide it better or to reburn a better image or do I just use the orig CD?

EDIT: To confirm the orig CD is working. So at least that works.

Well your thread title is misleading. Your image hasn’t been broken. All that’s happened is that the update patch has also upgraded the copy protection so as to blacklist whichever version of Daemon Tools that you’re using.

If it’s not the latest version of DT then update it and you may be ok. If it is the latest version of DT then contact DT’s developers to let them know of the latest blacklisting problem.

Have you tried SecuROM_loader V1.0 from the DT download section (also working for Safedisc) ?

Hmm, Thx for the tips, will try and get back to you.

EDIT: Hazaa! The AntiSecurom app worked like a charm. Now if only the patch actually worked and fixed the crash to desktop problem I’d be happy as larry :smiley: