Star wars back-up problem

I am trying to backup a Star Wars Episode 1 DVD and am having a problem. My specs are as follows:

NEC - Mitsubishi ND-3520A 16x16 Dual Layer DVD+/-RW
CMC 8.5GB 2.4x DVD+R DL
120 GB HDD
512 MB DDR
Athlon XP processor

I was finally able to make an ISO file with DVD shrink and anyDVD. Before I was able to make this file I got a number of cyclic redundancy errors and bad sector errors. Once I was able to make the ISO I then burned this image to the above mentioned media using NERO. When playing the DVD back-up, I am able to play up to the point until the actual movie starts. That is, I can play the FBI warning and the main menu, but the movie freezes up when I press ‘play movie’. I should also note that this played in my stand alone DVD player, but with some minor skips and glitches. I am wondering if this problem might be with the media I am using or the drives in my computers?

when I have go these error it is because the disk you are trying to copy is not in good shape. I have taken the disk in the bathroom and washed it with soap and water then dried it and was able to burn it without errors but you have to make sure you get all the water off rewriters do not like being watered. In some cases even this did not work so the only thing left was to rent a copy then back the rental copy up .

does any one know why it only plays on my stand alone DVD player and not the one on my computers? I am wondering if it is the blank DVDs that I am using?