Hi there! I just found out i had Star-Force on my PC. Problem is i have no idea which games it came from… I was told to remove the actual Star-Force drivers because (thanks to it) i couldn’t install alcohol 120 without crashing my pc.
In case that doesn’t work i was told to uninstall the game… however i have no idea which game.
Does Doom 3 use Star-Force? or Singles? I have no idea what game it came from and frankly, i find it a bit annoying that i would have to completely uninstall a game just to get rid of something like that.
I found it was hidden inside my device manager… when i agreed to install that i have no idea. :frowning:

When you agreed to the software license for the game it protectes you agreed to it.
Scan your games install directories with A-Ray Scanner to find which game is protected by StarForce.


Singles is using StarForce 3 protection.


StarForce installs shit on your system. Get over it. There was a previous (and lengthy) discussion about this. Search the forum.


He is aware it installs stuff on his system. In fact the reason he posted is because it did.
He was actually asking which title installed StarForce files.
Please read before posting next time.


when i agreed to install that i have no idea.
Something tells me that he disagrees with the fact that the SF drivers on his PC.

Why is that?

when i agreed to install that i have no idea.

just to get rid of something like that.

If he didnt mind it why would he want to get rid of it?

The fact that he posted here asking which software installed StarForce proves that he knows it is installed.
Not realising he agreed to it is completely different.

just to get rid of something like that.

He wants to get rid of it. If you dont mind something then why get rid of it?

I know he wants to get rid of it, what is your point?

kitna and merthur02 stop arguing, if you want to remove the StarForce drivers from your pc use THIS, but remember then you wont be able to play singles

ben :slight_smile:

ps. who said locadelic was a he?


Sorry for chewing up this thread :wink:

Anyways, there is a tool called StarforceClean or sfclean, search for it. It will remove the sf3 drivers. The game which does not work anymore surely was the one protected with sf3, but the drivers might reinstall again…

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If you need any further help or have more questions start a new thread, this one has been trashed…