Star-Force reboots my PC

Before, I was able to play FIA GTR when I used SFNighmare tools. Now, whenever I disable Node and CD drive and run a game my Pc reboots during CD check. I also tried Star-Force update. The funiest thing is is that it worked fine before and it just resently began to happen. I removed Star-Force using removal utility, rolled back and unistalled CD and HD drivers. Whenever Star Force tries to access my disabled CD roms it reboots PC. XP error report says that it was a Driver problem. Whne I physically disconect IDE cable from my CD drives and run the game PC reboots during CD check. I also tried disabling Secondary Slave and Master devices. Any ideas or solutions. Since I have too much stuff on my PC i dont feel like performing clean XP installation. Thanks a lot.

XP Proffesional Ed.
1 Gig Corsair XMS RAM

I’ve heard some bad things about Star-Force, I wanted to see what it was so I got it and it removed my drivers. I ended up having to re-install my drives. So I just un-installed it. It could be becuase you updated.

I got the same problem with Peter Jackson’s King Kong,
every time its running the cdcheck in the beginning it resets my computer.
I removed my cables to the cdrom drive and mounted cd1 in damon tool v4.0.

dammit!! anyone got any ideas how to solve the problem.

tried to uninstall the game and used starforce remove tool from cdcopyworld and did a reinstall to no use.


read my guide guys in this very forum
i was getting the same problem with king kong where my pc was rebooting with no error just a black screen then reboot lol…

there is a device scsi problem with daemon tools v4
under some instances where it messed up during authentication and your pc reboots.
if you have mounted your images useing daemon uninstall it or use it to just play safedisk and securom games
use alcohol 120% for starforce games mount the image and emulation rpms enabled.
with cd disabled and node disabled and your optical drives unplugged.

it works i have been playing king kong all day wooohoo lol :slight_smile:
i hope daemon tools devs can fix this problem though.

ViRuS2k thx for the help, it worked… yeeeehaaaa

What do you wish for xmas :slight_smile:

i wish that people would follow my advise lol
im glad it worked for ya bud :stuck_out_tongue:

btw i have figured out the myth of scsi error…