Star Force Protection

Has anyone heard of this before?
Its on Codename Outbreak. It shows as laserlock, but isnt.
Will let you copy happily for ages and install, but wont
let you play the game. Just comes up with
" Please insert Orig CD"

Has any one copied this ?

Help mucho needed

Plex 12/10/32a
Iomega 650Zip USB
Toshiba 1012DVD

at last i thought i was the only one mine plays in the writer no probs but i get the same prob as u when i put in my dvd drive
i used a liteon burner and it plays perfect let me know how u get on and if i get round it ill let u know

good luck

by the way clony says its laserlock but i never had this before with laser lock but i did use my plex then hope its not burner related

till we crack it cya:D

Like you I used Clony & CloneCd and made backup using 24X LiteOn burner before I had even heard of this new protection.

Mine plays in my Toshiba 1402 DVD rom drive as well

but strangely my brother who has the same DVD drive it will not work in.

The only difference is mine has the hacked firmware that removes the DVD Region detection :confused:

Is there a solution to this Star Force ??

yes i think it is too do with dvd players as mine plays in all standard cd roms but not in my dvd as in one of your other replies
hacked f/w is mentioned so if u have a dvd that isnt capatible
may be a hacked firmware is the way to go if u havent a cdrom installed.

ps i know its a bit cheeky but do u know where i can get a hacked firmware from or a tosh m1612b dvd player


Starforce is an unlikely prot for game discs. It uses a 24-digit key to encrypt the exe…so?

Several protections already use digital keys such as DiscGuard & (sharp-intake-of-breath) CD-Cops. A good reader writer combo will defeat these prots as well as the digital signatures found in many prots - at times, it’s like they’re not there. Troubles (coasters) with these prots requires careful reading & writing of the subchannels. Yammys, for example, will chuck out error messages like “WARNING, WILL ROBINSON, WARNING - PADDING BLOCKS”.

Moderate cost and simplicity of the SF CD-R usage well match its protection capabilities:
SF CD-R does not allow to run the software if the compact disk is identified as a copy. No matter how the copy has been produced (either at home or at an industrial plant), the system will identify that the disk is illegal.

SF CD-R prevents from copying the protected disks by such programs as CloneCD, CDRWin, BlindWrite and similar. The protected applications would not run on the CD emulators like Daemon Tools, Virtual CD-ROM, etc. No special technological equipment is needed to build in the SF CD-R protection, all you need is a computer and an access to one of the Star Force servers(hmmm…gaming on the work LAN?!).

The SF CD-R protected disks are largely compatible with different existing CD/DVD-ROM devices. This is because the SF CD-R implements a unique algorithm of the CD validation which does not involve operation on the physical level.

SF CD-R implements effective protection from the most sophisticated cracking algorithms. The the protected applications are launched without entering the protection key.

The procedure used to build in the SF CD-R protection is very simple, and includes 2 main steps:
Using the client program Star Force CD-R Wizard (SFP Wizard) supplied to the developer, the initial data are entered and the executable file is encrypted on one of the Star Force servers.

Using the SF CD-R Wizard, the extraction of the protected key for the prepared distribution CD is made by the Star Force server. This key will apply only to the disks of the batch which are then written using the CD-Writer
Yeah, like that’s gonna fly!

I only read that Codename Outbreak was Star Force protected at

GameCopyWorld after I had made a backup.

Clony reads the disc as being LaserLok protected so I just used the defaults recommended.

Very interesting post by FutureProof, if I am honest I didn’t really understand what it means.

I used a LiteOn 24102B as the reader as well as copier so it should have had no problem.

i tried my backup on a friends system and it would only load using his Cd Rom (a Samsung not sure of the model) but played fine using his 16X LiteOn burner.

So is it StarForce or LaserLok or what i wonder ???

supershuey check your mail for Firmware site


yep got ur mail ur sent thanks a lot, were in the same boat
i didnt totaly understand the other reply either but then
do i ever lol:)

Star force loads drivers in your device manager. If you look in it, under view, select “show hidden devices”. Look in under "non-plugnplay devices you’ll see the drivers they install. It also comes on MS Office 2003 discs and many other cd/dvd apps.