STAR FORCE! need help

i have just gotten X3: the reunion, and im trying to make a working image.
curse the man who decided to ship this with starforce protection.

ive been all over the forumes looking for ways to bypass starforce but i dont know much about this things (i play very little becouse of my job, so when there is a game that finally intrests me enough to buy not being able to play it directly from the pc sucxxx!).

can somebody please post a step by step walkthrough to cracking starforce (i guess its the newest version couse the game is very fresh on the shelves) on a winXP system.

oh and i downloaded a lot of versions of SFN and SFcure01 and some more things, so if you can also tell me what programs are neaded and where to find them (like, shuld i use deamon tools or alcohol 120%, and what drivers etc’).

if any body can help me it will be a great favor.