Star-Force Expert Needed


I recently purchased Silent Hunter III from Ubi-Soft and it’s protected by Star-Force.

Here’s my problem, I can insert the DVD and start the game with the popup Menu no problem.

But if I start it with the Shortcut or exe directly, then the Copy Protection Dialogue get’s to about 40% and locks my system solid. I have to cycle power to get it going again and the fans in my system go mental.

The Mission Editor is not included on the Menu, so I can’t start it?

Am I killing my computer with this stuff?

Here’s my spec’s:

Dell Dimension XPS Gen 2
P4 Northwood 3200 MHz
2 Gig’s PC3200 Dual Channel
Radeon 9800 Pro
Creative Audigy2
Samsung SW252S & SD-616E
Viewsonic A91f+
Saitek X45
Nostromo n50
Latest drivers for everything

Thanks in advance, I’m really interested in just what this Star-Force product is doing to cause a lockup this hard.

Do you have any emulation software? Alcohol? Daemon Tools? GameJack? Have you installed anything that attempts to defeat copy protection? If so, update to the latest version to avoid black-listing; let us know…

I have both D-Tools and Alcohol installed and SH3 doesnt mind at all. But I read in the support forums that the autostart menu fixes graphical glitches for some that occur when they run the game from the start-menu shortcuts. Yes I know its far fetched but the game is obviously applying different parameters to the two launch methods.

Got no solution for your predicament but I would recommend using the autostart-menu anyway since its doing things “the right way”.

Yeh i have noticed on any starforce games i have played the cpu temperature rises from the normalish 38c for an intel to over 50c while it checks the disk…no doubt it is putting stress on the computer

I had CloneCD v4 & CDRWin v5 installed. I’ve removed them, now I’m not sure if that actually cleans them right up or not.

Where would I look for Daemon Tools?

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I will never post a link to a no-cd patch again because it is against the rules…

Because they are illegal, regardless of whether you own the original or not.