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This Star Force protection system for CD’s and CD-R’s (!) seems to be very popular soon, because all steps in making protected cd’s can be done…

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Sweet! Another lame protection… How long this will be “uncopyable”?

They start like all other protections, claiming that they can’t be copied… Haven’t we heard this before and not just once? :wink: Why don’t they just give up? No matter what protection they come up with, it will ALWAYS be cracked!!! So, Star Force, let’s see you put your money where your mouth is!

I’m currious how they are able to bypass the 1:1 copy-method that CloneCD and all other burning programs use…

Okay, it’s time to admit we lost the race… We can never copy anything anymore. It’s a sad day for us. Star Force will bring copying to an end…when hell freezes over! DUH :d

Well if it isn’t copiable, maybe it is once again due to CD capabilities and maybe manufacturers being complete twats. i.e rumors of newer firmwares across a variety of manufacturers have disabled the possibilty of copying SD2 discs with CloneCD. Even the creator of CloneCD was a little excited about SD2 which suggests there maybe more tricks out there. As far as I knew DAO RAW was going to cure all my problems, but apparently not so! Either way tho, if CDRs can’t get round to coping with Starforce, then a crack certainly will…

GUyz this is not a copy protection like Safedisc2!!! This method is basically a serial protection but it differs only that the CD itself is created with a pre-existing key so that if you make copies and dont have the key it wont work! Basically its an attempt to stop keygen programs… Lame! :d

This is the hottest market in computing. To be able to make a perfect copy protection on CD’s and to the company that does, will be rewarded with zillions. So have you noticed lately that these guyz are coming at us from all sides with there media blitz of sorts, that the copy protection that they have come up with will never be broken. I say bring it on !!! Let a couple of frequent users on cdfreaks or cdrinfo have a crack at it, and see how good it really is. Come on you copy protection company’s let sum real people have a crack at it and see how long it takes to bring your product to it’s knees.

This seems to be a scheme similar to Cd-Cops. I encountered Cd-Cops on a Norwegian game cd, and a matter of fact it IS uncopyable. I have tried all the tricks I`ve picked up on the scene over the last couple of years with no luck…? Of course there is always cracks to apply, but you will never get a working 1:1 copy :frowning:

What about making an iso file first, instead of 1:1 copy? Or is that the same?

That’s the same difference.

This is a crock of crap. Even if they could get the program to recognize the difference in CD serial codes, you can always read in the serial of the CDR you are about to burn to, make the mods to the protection coding and walla, it shouldn’t know the difference as the codes will match between the CDR and coding in protection. It may a bit more work than simply plopping a CD in and doing a 1:1, but still doable.

Well, this kind of protection scheme (not exactly this one but the idea is similar without any kind of serial number) is already (seen with my eyes) in use in a test lab in north of Italy. It is really impossible to get a 1:1 copy; the protection scheme is highly encrypted - only a question of time you say - ok, IT CAN ONLY BE CRACKED but really (REALLY) not copied. It varies from CD to CD and it does not use the same code on every copy!!! The only way to get a real 1:1 copy is a combination of 3 factors: a CDR with no informations pre-mastered (who will be the first ?), a CD Writer capable of writing EVERYWHERE in the CD (Plextor will be the first one?) and, of course, a good software (come on, OLLY!!!) Greetings to everybody!! DAMN, today is really HOT!

Well…It may me uncopiable but there will be cracks… And as said. CDCops is uncopyable but no one uses it!

In the netherlands there is a law that say’s that everyone can make a copie of a cd that the person owns. so no cd’s with this protection in holland :wink:

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Congratulation, star force can be copied using the new version of blind read/write. Select the options (Raw/Raw RW/PQ/PW) and the writing mode (DAO PW subs) and do not check (Enhance weak sector)