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Make sure you click on upcoming circular :


Yay memorex media on sale… I’ll pass.


Oh c’mon now. Memorex is great stuff. :wink: :smiley:


Their CMC AM3 and RICOHJPN R03 are both pretty good, but you could also get RITEK F1 in the -R which I don’t want, CMC M01 in the +R which I have had mediocre results with from other brands, and other assorted media codes that are decent so it’s really a toss-up on what you’ll get. The only 16x Memorex in 100 packs that I’ve bought have been CMC AM3 and RICOHJPN R03 so I’ve had no problems but you could get about anything. :stuck_out_tongue:


The uncertainty-- That’s what scares me… If it was a safe bed I’d get RicohJPN 03, I’d be all over that deal… But as it stands I have more AM3 than I know what to do with, and I can’t get M01 to burn worth beans on any of my burners past 8x. Ritek F1 is garbage too. Anyone know if the top of the spindle is clear or if the hub is visible through the top of the package? One may be able to tell RicohJPN03 from CMC by the hub code. Ritek/RicohJPN03 media should have a black code, while CMC is clear etched into the hub. But I’m too lazy to go down and check.


True. It really is a grab bag when it comes to Memorex. Back when they had a price mistake in Office Max’ national circular a friend of mine bought a bunch for $10 per 100-spindle. Our stash broke down like this…

3 spindles -R RITEKF1
1 spindle -R CMCMAG AM3
1 spindle +R CMCMAG M01
1 spindle +R RICOHJPN R03

and my buddy got

2 spindles +R RICHOJPN R03.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to con him out of his two spindles of RICOHJPN R03 as part of a trade or something but as of yet he’s not budging. :doh:


Unfortunately you can’t tell what media you’re going to get with Memorex because paper covers the entire top of the discs and the spindles are all the same regardless of what they are. Out of the 8 spindles my friend and I bought they all looked exactly alike except for the color and either + or - on the packaging.

I’ve done a fair amount of burning and scanning with all of the media listed above and found they all work best at an 8x burn speed. I think they are a good value at $10 per spindle. At $25 per spindle there are much better options.


never never never memorex for me


I agree that there’s too much uncertainty on what you might get to pay $24-25 for them, I just wanted to point out that a lot of it is actually fairly good media but it’s just a matter of luck. If they are cheap enough then by all means buy it, such as when OM messed up their flyer as Morbius mentions - I price matched BB I think and bought the only remaining -R spindle they had and 2 +R spindles. Had I known it would be RICOHJPN R03 I probably would have bought a couple more, even though I’ve had problems with RICOHJPN under other brands these Memorex discs have been very good outside of a couple of random PIF spikes with all of the discs. And the CMC AM3 is the best I’ve used, 20k PIE and ~500-800 PIF.


What burner and firmware are you using to get those results? I have about 75 AM3 left and would like to get the most I can out of them. Thanks.


I have Philips branded AM3 as well as Magnavox. These scans are from the latter, I picked them up at OM for like 6.99$ per 50. Very good results with the AM3, the whole batch of Magnavox +R (CMC R01) had to be returned, very bad die streaks when burned on the outer edge of the disc.

I’ve had the best result with my Samsung at 8x. All my other burners have good results at 8 or 12x but with PIF ~1k, PIE 30k.


My Benq 1640, Liteon 165P6S, Pioneer 111L all burn them similarly, although the Benq is best in jitter levels. I usually burn at 8x although they do well at 12x, I’ve never tried 16x with them (I don’t burn anything at 16x for that matter). Most of the CMC AM3 I’ve used from other brands has a mound of PIE near the beginning and it goes down from there, but these Memorex have low PIE throughout and lower PIF overall. It’s very possible that your AM3 are just not as good a batch as my Memorex discs. My Imation CMC AM3 has decent PIE levels but the PIF are about 2-3k. P.S. - the Memorex discs are similar to adelphia’s, but with lower PIE at the start of the disc. BTW when I quote totals I’m talking about Benq scans, Liteon scans would be about half my quoted amounts.


I don’t know why everyone rips on CMC so much. I’ve got several that are a few years old that are still alive and kicking. I can’t vouch for M01, but by the looks of the AM3, and scans of older CMC media, I just don’t understand why people aren’t all over this. To each their own I guess, but no way am I spending 50c per disc or better on TY when I can get AM3 for pennies.


While I’m as big a fan of CMC as there probably is, their 16x media has been a disappointment, especially their CMC M01. While it can burn very well, there’s a lot of media inconsistency as well as less than good burner support. CMC AM3 can vary quite a bit too but even the worst of it that I’ve used was at least fair, just high PIE early in the burn being the biggest downside. I’ve long been an advocate of CMC’s 8x and slower media though, I have used probably close to 2k of their discs going back to their 2.4x media and it’s extremely stable and their 8x and older media burns very well with proper drive support. This is why I’ve bought a bunch of the Nexxtech CMC E01 and AE1 on sale this week at CC, there aren’t many opportunities to buy their 8x or slower media anymore, these Nexxtech discs burn great.


i do get memorex when they are cheaper than this. not often as you can see. i dont do the scanning you all do on the dvds. but they seem to burn well for me compared to others i use. thanks for the notice on the ad.


What is everyone’s experience on how easy or difficult it is to return a spindle to Staples if you have already opened it to check the hub code, or burn one or two discs to check the quality of the batch? Do they pro-rate the remaining 98 discs? Do they give you a full refund, or even exchange, or a gift card for the full amount?

This is, of course, assuming you are buying B&M in the U.S. or Canada. I would assume YMMV.

Slightly OT, but how about the other major retailers (CompUSA, Best Buy, OM, OD, Micro Center?)


FYI, I know that at Micro Center, based on information from someone working there and depending on the manager, they will most likely (in this order):

  1. Give you an even exchange for the same spindle if you have burned one or two discs.

  2. Give you a gift card for the full amount if you have burned one or two discs.

  3. Give you a full refund if you have only burned one or two discs, if you complain a little (ymmv).

  4. Give you an even exchange for another spindle, and take out the number of discs missing (if you have, for example, burned 20 out of 100 discs).

Pretty fair, IMHO. I have no idea what the cutoff point is on how many discs are missing when you return it…


I’ve never done a return at Staples so I don’t know, but I think most retailers will follow a fairly similar chain of order to what you listed. I usually just stick with media unless I get a truly poor batch that will lead to possible read problems, and when I take a spindle back I usually would just suggest exchanging for another spindle, or if I think I’m almost sure to get truly awful results from other spindles I’ll accept store credit.


With the large variance in MID codes for Memorex, and the quality even within one MID or spindle, I was hoping Staples would have a generous return policy in terms of “consumable” goods.

As long as they don’t have a restock fee, as I believe CompUSA does :Z (anyone?), I might take the chance on Staples, especially as I have a couple recent $20 coupons.


I think that a store credit is fair if an exchange is not wanted, if that’s what you’re getting at. If I buy something from any store that I know that they cannot resell such as opened media, then I buy feeling that that’s the risk I take and that in the case of truly defective I’ll accept store credit if I don’t want to risk exchanging for more of the same bad results. In other words, if I purchase media then I’ve accepted the idea that I’ll be spending money at that store one way or another even if it ends up being junk.