Staples Week Of July 30th Sale

Many Items are on sale (12 pages ad) at Staples starting this Sunday July 30th (e.g "Maxtor Hard drive 100GB for $29.99 after $50 easy rebate).

Thanks TCAS!

Thanks. I didn’t see any thing that I was interested in but did see two items that other people I know would like to hear about (hard drive and keyboard combo).

And don’t forget the 12% off coupon

that hdd and the $15 coupon are calling to me as I’m nearly out o space right now :bigsmile:
if only my staples took multiple inks id be able to get it for ~$6 AR :sad: oh well, $12 aint too bad either :wink:

damn, I remember back in the day when everyone was like “WTF, who needs more than a gig” :rolleyes:

Thats kind of funny because of this guy I’m trying to help at work. I helped him and got him a benq1655 so he could have a beter burner (he wanted a cd burner but why not a dvd burner for a few dollars more and I talked him into it). Later I found out, his 3 computers have been revivied fron the dead, running windows 98. The best one has a 12 gig hard drive, and the other two have XXXMB drives…
So he is running into all these problems copying old disks (cd’s). he’s too proud to really let me help, but I feel sorry for him (more than 30$ on a hard drive, cannot afford it). If this explains anything hes paying child support too two women, and hes kind of a passive guy (babysitting service for the women that are taking all his income). He cannot even burn dvd as he doesn’t have enough space. I offered him a 20 gig drive to help if I could find it, but my wife threw it away (I might have football kicked the computer that contained it spawning that response). So I got a 40 gig drive in one of my computers. It is full of data and I cannot part with now. I also have two 160 gigi drive sitting blank, a 120 gig external (might be earmarked for my dvd player), a 300 gigi that I cannot even find (baby proofing the apartment, things are not going in my favor).
How would it be to be that guy, 3 computers that can probably just run 98, makes twice what I do, and cannot afford any new hard drive (I have a terrabyte between computers, then again, I’m in financial trouble too).

I know, give him the 40 gig (I might loan him a parts computer after I stop being lasy). I’m going to recomend purchase of the maxtor though. Staples easy rebated are pretty fast and guarenteed, right?

Yes, they are the best rebates I’ve used. After being burned about 3-4 times in the late 1990’s with MIR I stopped messing with them altogether. My brother convinced me to try the Staples ER. Very good decision because they are fast and reliable!!!

I’ve done quite a few easy rebates from Staples and only had problems with the last one. It showed up on thier website as “validated and waiting for prossesing”, but a couple of weeks later it showed up as “received waiting for validation”. I sent them an email but they never responded, so I waited a couple of weeks and called them. They said that it must have got lost in the system and they would resubmit it. I got it one week later. So check your rebate status on thier website every week and don’t waste your time emailing them, just call them.

the ad just says “100GB Maxtor internal hdd” and shows a pic of a pata drive, does anyone know if the sale applies to both sata and pata, or just pata :confused:

Hmmm… maybe I’m being dense (entirely possible), but I cannot find the “Maxtor Hard drive 100GB for $29.99 after $50 easy rebate” ad anywhere. I went the link above (first post), but cannot find it. Can someone show me the way?

try this link its on page 1.

Does anyone know who makes the Staples DL media?

Since the above link shows the specials have been expired try the following link for the week starting Sunday July 30.

Got it. That’s it. Thanks, scotton!

I was stoked about the Maxtor but we don’t have it listed in our weekly ad. The whole bottom section is different.

Instead of paper, Maxtor, camera, printer we have:
pens, notebooks, pencils, more notebooks.

Online deal only - but a very good deal:

I bought the maxtor 100 gig hard drive from staples using the $15 coupon and the 12 percent coupon also for a cost of 62.00 - $50.00 easy rebate for final cost $12.00.
Maybe if you print out the page they will honor the price.

wow, even my dad’s 4 yrs old computer, has 300 gig HDD in it, well because I built it for him. I am surprised that this is a good deal for some folks because I dont have any more space for any upgrades and dont have any more IDE controllers for any IDE drives. If you have Raid IDE support controller, getting 2 of this drives will revive your system. Only buy this HDD if you are not gonna upgrade in a long time. but if you are upgrading near the future, I think it is a waste of money because more likely you are not gonna use this drive even as a spare drive.