Staples teon's $7.50

clipped from fatwallet. staples is clearin out the 40 pacs for $7.50. so take your $3.00 ink coupon, look for the +r’s with 1 spacer on top and you end up with 40 mcc03’s for $4.50( i bought these the last time they were on sale and they burn great on all my burners, the 3540 likes them a little better than the 1620’s). i picked up a 40 pack +r’s (no spacer) seems from old thread that these are cmc mag, cheap price for beaters.

i’m going to check these out today. seems like from the dvd media page on that anything that is fully shrinkwrapped is going to be MCC and the ones with the bottom exposed are CMC.

do these vary MIJ/MIT or is it just whatever is there is there?

sorry if that was a dumb question. I’m still a n00b when it comes to this stuff.

These are $7.90 here but definitely a great deal with the $3.00 ink coupon for MCC 003’s. I’ve found they burn decent in my 1620 - just a very slight rise at the end. My experience so far has been that the ones with one-spacer are MCC 003’s. They also had some with no spacer and several spacers on top.


Never seen a MCC003 Teon before in my life. But the CMCMAGE01 Teons are pretty good (they actually burn better than the MCC003 discs that I have…) Seeing as how CMC is the manufacturer for both MCC003 (MCC/MKM outsources to CMC and other companies) and CMCMAGE01, I don’t think it really matters that much.

If the Teon CMC’s are CMCMAGE01, I’ll have to pick some up as the Staples ones that I got at Staple’s Anniversary sale burn even better than the MCC003’s for me as well.


i have to say, out of all the cheap media i buy as beaters (for kids @ college, freinds, etc), those teon mcc’s were great. i think the first time staples had them on sale they came out to $.05 a disc (after easy rebate). i got bruns on them that rivaled my ty02’s. i also agree the cmc stuff is much better than thier 4x days. for discs that i give away or end up as frisbees on some campus’, they are perfect. no one has ever complained about the movies i burned on them.