Staples Return Policy

Does anyone have experience with returning disks to staples.

I bought 2 Teon disks when they were on sale. Opened one packaged and tried 6 disks, none passed verification. Bought 2 HP disks with same results. I guess my drive (BTC 1016im) doesn’t like them.

I figure Staples will take my unopened disks, will they take the opened ones if they are bad (at least for me)

Has anyone tried?

Depends on the person, most of them seem friendly, and it wont hurt to try. If the person doesnt let you return them, just start to make some noise. (shout,yell,go berserk, etc) JK.

As long as you have your receipt, you can return them within 14 days as defective and exchange for other discs or get a refund.

if it had an easyrebate i am not so sure about returns. you may want to talk to the store by phone before you waste time going down there