Staples printable CD-R 52x

Hi…I bought 50 CD-R printable’s at Staples (their brand) After burning 2 CD’s from Windows Media Player to .wav format, they ONLY play in my computer on which I burned them. I tried my car stereo and also a stand alone CD player. I made other “printable” CD-R’s from a different company and they played fine in each player. Any idea why this happened and also what the manufacture is for these Staples disks? Of course, I’m out of my other brand and now have 48 Staples, worthless disks.


[QUOTE=gilhow;2234362] After burning 2 CD’s from Windows Media Player to .wav format,

If I understand you, you burnt wav files to cd? If so, maybe your other players don’t support wav, only CDA/MP3.

No…I burned the same wav files using a different manufacture’s disks and they played in ALL players; only the Staples disks did not play in ALL players, only my computer where I burned it originally, play.

You can try to return the rest, otherwise try to burn one at slower speed , if that will work.
Other than that, you are stuck with what you have.
You can also try different burning software, ImgBurn and Burnn are one of them and free.

The typical pale gold (slight greenish tint) CD-R data discs aren’t “digested well” by many audio disc players, computer optical drives usually work with them…
Car players In my experience don’t like the pale pthalocyanine dyed discs.

If you buy discs specifically labeled as audio they not only are more expensive (because the royalty was paid on them) but they typically have a thicker topside coating (to resist handling damage)
and MOST IMPORTANTLY are made with the blue-green “Cyanine” discs. which is easier for the player to read.

Have you tried repeatedly inserting the disc into your car stereo, ejecting and reinserting after it fails to play?

My own car stereo is VERY finicky about what it’ll eat.

but it will play the cheap Ritek made pthalo-cyanine discs
IF I have the patience to insert them three or four times
and NEVER need to interrupt the play… pausing, stopping
turning the unit or the car off and I have to start over…

Consequently I don’t use those discs for wav/CDA discs.
(My CD changer plays anything including the earliest 2x CD-RW’s)

what make, model and approx year of manufacture is your car stereo?