Staples Presidents Day



This info from cdrlabs is noteworthy.



Is there a sure way to tell that this is a BenQ 1620 rather than something else?


I went to the closest Staples today and saw that the I/O Magic drive box was marked “Made In China”. I will check the other store in town on Sunday morning.


The box containing the Benq is smaller than the BTC containing box. Not much help there unless they have both kinds though. I seem to recall that the benq box says 2.4x DL versus 4x DL for the BTC. Also, the BTC box has a serial number sticker on it. The benq box that I bought last black friday had no serial number sticker on the outside. Hope that helps…


I heard something about the 16x logo on the front plate(BTC) and Rw logo on the front plate(Benq), is that true at all?