Staples ink thing 3 dollar

so whats the deal, any catrigdes work right?

can only use one coupon at a time?

i have like 7 i want to cash in lol

Could you make any reference that we know what are you talking about in case we do have any comment to make.

u can take any ink cartridge to staples and they’ll give you a $3 dollar coupon towards any purchase in the store more than $3…you can’t stack em either…they have to be used indiviually…:frowning:

Is this trade in empty catridge for $3 coupon still going on?

yes it is still going on. as far as i know, it isn’t a promotion…it’s just something they do.

in my opinion, this makes staples the least expensive place to buy media no matter what. bring in the best buy ad, they price match it + 10% with no problems and give you $3 off. I usually get 50 packs of sony MIJ for about $13 each after the coupon and pricematching to the usual sale price of $17.99.