Staples ink buyback

can someone be so kind as to explain how this works? I didn’t see any info on the website. Do i just bring in empty cartridges? Is there a special procedure?


hand them any old crappy ink cart (even the generic ones). they hand u a $3.00 off coupon. good for 90 days (???) after issue. i’ve got 16 of these things so far. only bad thing is u can’t stack em. they used to look at carts when it first started, but its so common place now u don’t even have to say a word. just hand them the cart and grunt, here’s your coupon.

haha great, thanks.

i was wondering if there was some catch involved or something that had discontinued since i couldn’t find any info about it on the staples site.

good on any ink cartridge, for a free $3…not bad at all.

can the coupons be used online? the last few times i’ve been to staples they haven’t had my ink in stock.

on teh site my ink is “guaranteed” and supposedly if it’s not in you get a coupon. i wonder if that woeks for in store too.

screw the damn printer companies - freakin crooks!

pic courtesy of wakeboarder

haha that looks like some kind of creepy chem lab.

i got cheap with my old printer and bought generic brand cartridges, and ended up ruining my printer in the long run. i just got a new one, and i’ve been trying to take better care of it. do refill kits carry the same risks as generic cartridges?

:confused: cartridges and refill kits ?

what’s are those ?? :bigsmile:

How much does it cost for one of those bottles of colored ink? You just puncture an entry into the cartridge, and vacuum suction automatically draws the ink into the cartridge (from the bottle)? Interesting concept. Not exactly something I’d leave on top of a cherry desk, but if the savings are good, it may be worth consideration. :slight_smile:

here’s the supplier;

Atlantic Inkjet USA
P.O.Box 374

Atlantic Inkjet CANADA
640 Principale Street,
St. Jacques, NB,
E7B 1Y4

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-512-7162 (TOLL FREE ORDERING)
Phone: 1-506-739-5632
Fax: 1-506-739-0850


here’s the how to;

Endless ink printer mod as promised!!

I will try to make it short and sweet. I came up with this mod out of frustration with ink prices and a print happy family.You will need
1: 8 to 10’ of clear 1/8" brake line type tubing.
2: 1’ soft tubing 3/16 or 1/4
3: epoxy
4: drill bit 1/8 or the size of tubing
5: printer ink for your printer. “mine $35 qt bottle”
6: solder gun “I found works best but bad fumes”

First I went down to a goodwill store “thrift shop” a picked up 2 printers to practice on. This is what I found out. The dremmel tools seems to gum up and not cut the plastic well I found that I could melt it cleaner with the solder gun. I cleaned out all the room I needed for the new ink lines to run unobstructed this included the side where the cart sits and the top part of the carriage that holds.

Now for the ink cartridge I drilled 2 1/8" holes in each color and epoxy a 3/4"piece of stiff tubing “brake line tube” on each one. On the set of holes in the back I put a 1" piece of 3/16 soft tubing I got from home depot over the piece I glued in. Then cut a small piece of the brake line and I melted the end shut to use as a plug. I use this as a vent hole I am sure their is a better way to do it but this raises up the height of the tube so I can put a piece of cloth around it as I bled the line out. The other tube will go straight to the source bottle it has a piece of 3/16 flex about 1" long to link them this also allows some flexibility. You want to make sure the lids on the bottles are not air tight because it will cause a vacuum. And you do not want to much pressure either it will flood the print head. So just a nice siphon feed seems to work well. With a bled out now and then. The parts cost very little its the ink that’s the investment. This is just for everyday printing good luck. Here to help, WAKE.

remember - this info comes as a courtesy from wakeboarder over at another forum, so i don’t get any credit for this,(nor do i deserve any) except to be smart enough to save the info - and to spread the word and info, to help reel in the 800pound gorilla bozos, we know as the Printer manu’s.

Mod away baby!

What if the cashier look at me funny and say, “huh?”

try going to a Staples instead of the grocery store next time… :iagree:

well they time/ink lock the carts on most new printers now. hp has a death date in the cartridges andtoners… which major sucks. can’t even refill the toners without new chips. Epson has to have a cartridge resetter after a certain amount of head shots starting with the DC875 i think. Canon (which i have with my hp color laser) has nothing i refill my carts all the time and it prints way better than my 6 colour Epson did

didn’t lexmark start that insanity ?

boycott that crap

ppl found other ways b/c the stupid corps charge WAY TOO MUCH for carts/refills to begin with, years ago -they started this shit…making us shoot drugs into our poor little old ink carts

screw the pusher :slight_smile:

Mod away baby