Staples I/O Magic $29.98 ----> Benq 1670!

Just received my Staples package. I figured I’d pick up a couple of the packs of Staples DVD Media, and since I had a $30 rewards check, I figured I’d give the I/O Magic DVD writer a shot for $29.98 after rebate.

Well, to my great joy and surprise, when I opened the box and looked at the drive, the model # was listed as DW1670! Now, I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with it. I have two 1640’s in my main rig, a NEC 3550 in my kids rig, and a 1640 in my work rig. I guess I’ll swap out one of the 1640’s in my main rig for the 1670, and either throw the extra 1640 into my kids rig to replace the old Lite-On 40x CD/RW or eBay the 1640.

I’ve had worse dilemma’s the past two weeks, so I think I’ll enjoy this one :bigsmile:

FYI, I don’t know if it will help, but the model number of the I/O Magic is IDVD168DL. The UPC code is 7 88069 00912 6. Red circle on the box indicates 16x DVD±RW/±R, 8xDL. The specs on the box are:

48x CD-R
16x DVD+R
16x DVD-R

24x CD-RW

48x CD
16x DVD

What, no DVD-RAM?

What, no DVD-RAM?

Not listed, anyway. When I get it home tonight and installed, I’ll see what she really has…

i purchased one sunday.mine has ram support.but i see lots of mixed reviews.
also i tryed to easy rebate on-line last night,would’nt let me do it(read this also).
i think I’ll keep it (i see others returning them),and hope for newer firmware.also it was posted that this benq wont do quality checks,panasonic chipset. so its not a normal benq?? hoping the designers have somthing up there sleeve on this one.otherwise so far this morning it seems like a decient burner.

It has DVD-RAM, just not listed on the package, but on the box it says Dual Format, Nero Info Tool confirms it

The rebate issue seems to have been fixed. I hadn’t been able to submit mine earlier either, but it just finally went through.

It has DVD-RAM, just not listed on the package, but on the box it says Dual Format, Nero Info Tool confirms it

That’s kind of what I figured, but nice to have it confirmed.

How does this burner compare with the 1650 or the 1655 (barring lightscribe).

So far it has some mixed reviews. I would venture to say that from what i have read, it’s not as good as the 1620 (the 1620 is a less capable burner than the 1640/50/55) and better than the infamously bad DQ60.

I wouldn’t touch right it now.

There are so many threads referencing to this item on sale at Staples please before you open the new thread read the completely thread on this forum.

In my eyes I would rather have a 1620 than a 1650 Benq. I just bought a 1650
and it is a good burner but its results are not good consistently as with my 1620
but maybe I am the only one.

Okay, I will hold off then.

staples 15 off 50

60-15 coupon - 30 rebate = 15 + tax

Thanks for link to coupon. I bought a BQ1670 on sunday and i am still testing it. I think it will have a firmware update soon which will make this drive read more media at better speeds- I hope! Thanks again for member of cdfreaks helping with good info etc. etc.

Quick question about the coupon. It says “no copies and minimum purchase requirement of $50.00 must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or [U]instant savings[/U] offer applies.” So will this work since there is a $10.00 instant savings??? Or will they ignore the $10.00 instant savings???

I just bought memory with the coupon with no problem. The cashier scaned it and it took off $15.00 (to airphotog)

i bought two of these for when my twin 3500 system has one of the drives go down. need two of the same to duplex

Here is a coupon for you guys to make it cheaper

I bought this drive, I need new firmware but couldn’t find it either newer firmware hasn’t launched yet???

Thanks for the coupon ghetocowboy, I might use it to buy 512MB PNY memorythat are on sale for $50 -$20 Easy Rebate -$15 this coupon =$15

No copies? Are they kidding? What do they think all these inkjet and laser printed copies are?

Thanks for the heads-up about this. I bought a 512 MB PC2700 PNY laptop module. They scanned the coupon without any problems at all. And you gotta love the Staples Easy Rebate!