Staples I/O Magic 16X/8X DL DVD $30 & is it better to BenQ or Lite-On

Staples has the I/O Magic 16X/8X Internal DVD Rewritable Drive
SKU 643060 Model IDVD168DL

Double Layer technology

  • store twice as much data (8.5GB) on DVD DL media (not included)
    Includes software to author your own home movies
    Double Layer MAX speeds: 8X +DL/4X -DL

Is this any good?
I need a good, inexpensive drive.
Is BenQ or Lite-On better?



that drive would be probably an OEM Benq or Liteon (or something else;)). Maybe you check in the Benq and the Liteon subforum for more information.


I got a “BenQ DW1670” in an I/O Magic (IDVD168DL) box at Staples for $30 after rebate + tax.

DW1670 and 160P6S are both good drives.

I would personally prefer the Lite-On for its quality scannng ability, but if you don’t care about scannng [most people don’t] then either one will work great for reading and burning common media types.

If anyone buying a DW1670 and hoping it perform as good as Sony 820A then forget it. I just compare the two and BENQ is nowhere near the Sony. May be few months later when BENQ update the firmware.