Staples has some good teon media cheap

MCC003…elusive??? :confused: No BestBuys in your area Nemesys?

Zevia’s post on this thread says "However, I saw lots of people here mentioned that with crap media you won’t get a long life-span, a year or two max, mostly only months. " I have read on another site (digitalfaq) that MCC is tier 1 media, whereas CMC is tier 4. I do not want to burn my home movies on CMC. If I end up with CMC, I will use them for short-term needs. I will probably search for a good deal for TY.

Meanwhile, I was just hoping that someone has recently purchased those one-ring teons and can confirm that they are still MCC. I will go to my local staples to see if they have any one-ring teons.

Thanks, I won’t touch them then.

My local store seems to have only the CMC media (with 4 rings on top). I will check other nearby stores this weekend.

None of my local stores had MCC Teons (they all had CMCs). However, I met a very friendly associate at one of the staples and he obliged me by exchanging my Teons with Sonys (TY002 - made in japan). I have been very happy with Staples in past and this makes it even more so. And I love their easyrebates.

wow, that’s really nice of them. consider the price difference