Staples has some good teon media cheap

was like 4.88 for 20 disk :slight_smile:

I’ll grant you “cheap”. “Good” may be a stretch, however. I had to throw away about half of a spindle of Teons because they were crap.

they burn amazeing on my 1633.

What mid? I would guess MCC003. I got Teon MCC003 40pack on thanksgiving sale and it burned fine.

Just got back from grabbing a pack of the 8x +R Teon from Staples. They were out of the -R (I was hoping to get both so I could compare)…


I can tell the difference between Teon MCC003 and CMC MAG E01.

MCC003: the media inside the spindle kinda “pushed” to the top. It’s because there are 3 foam rings in the bottom, and 1 ring on the top of the spindle.
CMC: the media sits normaly with no rings in the bottom and 4 rings on the top of the spindle.

At least that is my observation a couple weeks ago. Hope they don’t change the way its packed.

Yep, 4 rings on top for me.

Was hoping for CMC, actually, since I already have a 100-pack of (very good Prodisc-made) MCC003.

them media codes dont mean anything.ive asked anyone to explain to me why but they dont mean nothiong on my burner, i made a post about it in the liteon forum

Ratman, I found your post in the liteon forum. Basically CMC media can be considered as a low quality media, aka crap, so you will get a bad burn from one brand and sometimes a “good” burn from another brand. In your case Teon vs HP. However, I saw lots of people here mentioned that with crap media you won’t get a long life-span, a year or two max, mostly only months. I never encounter this since I use only high quality media such as Taiyo Yuden (from or Fuji brand Made in Japan), Verbatim (Mitsubishi: MCC003 +8x or MCC004 +16x), or RicohJpn (under various brand).

Please take a look at this one. You can see from the link that CMC is in 4th class media, ie the lowest quality.

man this is still very i guess if ya ever find good stuff buy a lot of it…man i hope all the teon i have burns as good as the few i burnt so far. andd far as dvd dual not brave enough to burn a 10 buck coaster,i still want some good 16x media

Thanks zevia!!
Following your guide above I just returned from my local Staples. Unfortunately, all their packages had 4 rings at the top. I was hoping to make a purchase of MCC003 as I have seen and heard so many good things about this media code. They still remain elusive.

Even if it’s CMC MAG. E01, it’s still not a bad price. $0.25 per disc (no rebates needed) is definitely worth it. Plus, it’s available in small quantities, so you’re not stuck with a 100-pack.

I thought about that when I was about half way home returning from the store. My disappointment clouded my judgement and I returned empty handed.
You are definately correct on all counts. It’s nice not to have that quantity commitment. I should have picked some up. It’s an 11 mile drive back to the store, I’ll send my son when he’s home from school later.

gee thats funny herrie and all those other firmware ppl would say mcc is worse than cmc. i have hp cmc and they have been great +r. i can even put labels on them with no problems. i dont have have a lite on so i cant do any special scans or anything but the reading cures are fine and they seem good to go. for the price that staples has them they are great for my daughters back ups and 4 sale to other ppl. better than hong kong crap.

they have free shipping

Is the teon +R media still MCC? I want to get my (unopened) -R exchanged for +R. Based on the previous posts, I have MCC -R. I will exchange the discs only if they still sell MCC (with one-ring on top vs four on top for CMC).

Thanks for any info.

The -R’s are all CMC. Look here:

You are right. Thanks, LivingDay.

I guess the whole 4 rings on top vs 1 ring on top discussion was for +R discs.

For the +R, I compared the UPC code for MCC and CMC in the posts and they are the same (637668400103). I guess the “zevia” method of finding out is the only one that will work.

Does anyone know if the +R discs with one ring on top are still MCC?

I have been burning these at 12x (CMC some +R and some -R) with my NEC 3500A with no problems. Almost everything that I burn are full movies and they all play perfectly.

i have 4 cake boxes (the ones with the 4 rings +r). they are the cmcmag e01. i only opened 1 so far. they burn fine on my benq’s. but if they get the 1 ring teons in i’m gonna exchange the unopened ones for the one ring. if i get mcc great, if not the cmc’s are fine for copying for friends.