Staples has my Cubify 3D Printer

I see that Staples is selling my very next 3D printer, the Cubify, for only $1299.

Here’s a wonderful little TV snippet of a commercial showing its vast capabilities. I love the little rocketship. I just wonder if there’s a Shrinking Kit add-on or something so I can get Hubby to fit inside? Will he have to stand perfectly still, too? (He’s not very good at that sort of thing - I usually chain him down instead.)

But perhaps equally important are the printing supplies, which Staples has as well. (To HP and your foolish high priced cartridges - EAT YER HEART OUT!!)

Since our town recently banned those handy little plastic shopping bags, I think our landfill will be ready for a whole new level of injected molded plastics. Wheeee…

Oooh, now I can’t tell if this is a Linux typo, or if the name is really “Gru”, but here’s one Shrink Ray Gun. Does this work with the Cubify? So I can design my spaceship, then I can strap Hubby down to the scanner, get his dimensions fed into the Cubify software, have it run the proportionals to the Gru (Gnu?) shrink ray and then have it resize him?

I suppose these questions are typical of all new hardware and software, though. “Does it work with mine?”

I should probably ask if CTRL Z is still an UNDO function so I can pop him back to the original size and try again and again, too.

One day, these will be as common as inkjets are now.

[QUOTE=negritude;2687547]One day, these will be as common as inkjets are now.[/QUOTE]
Inkjets are not popular any more. Laser printers are as common as muck.

Apparently, one bloke has intentions of making everyone’s food with one.
Kudos if he can make it taste good too :wink:

The “make food” angle is pretty interesting. Food processors aren’t enough? I can just imagine these printers ‘ink cartridges’ will look like toothpaste tubes. Banana, Maple, Greenbeans, Hersheys… all with Gerbers’ labeling and plenty of Red Dye #2.

“Monsanto presents - !”

Or perhaps that’s just in small print… I’m sure we’ll get to hear Tang commercials eventually. “It’s so TASTY, too-ewwwww”.


I’ve seen that look before …
It’s the “omfg! Vegemite isn’t like nutella” popularised by US students on university exchange after being informed “that’s not how you eat vegemite”.