Staples- Free Shipping Through Dec 31

Haven’t seen this posted, but Staples has free shipping on everything, regardless of cost, until Dec 31.

Great post, Sumbitch! FYI: if anyone ever sees a Staple’s “Easy Rebate” on something, DO NOT HESITATE to buy it, as you can file for the rebate online–there’s no stamp, no cutting of UPC, etc.–and about 2 weeks later, the rebate check is in your mailbox! :bigsmile:

Anyone know if the BF deals will be available online for staples?

Looks like most of them are time sensitive.

Hey, they must have just changed that! was working till just recently. :frowning:

sorry, its working, I was blocking an ip.

Bump- this is good on any order, no matter how small

Yep :wink:
did it with my LCD - picked it up locally, came home, filled out Online and 2 weeks later - wham! - cash in hand