Staples for April 1st



Just got an email for the April 1st Circular

Not much for media just Playo and Memorex


Clicking on your link brought up the March 18th ad for me.


You have to click on View Upcoming Circular.

You getting any bad weather there?



Thanks, that worked. I have to go look in the other thread to see what those playo discs turned out to be.

No bad weather here, at least not yet. Looking at the long range radar, looks like the thunderstorms are maybe 75 miles away at this time.


The playo’s are still the same price right now with the easy rebate.


I wont even go for Playo if was $5/100 it is wast of money and time to burn it. One bad experiece is enough for me.


The same Memorex media is advertised on page 6 as page 10.


Memorex and Playo are always on sale, so nothing really special there as far as media goes. Incidentally given the date on this I thought it was a joke.


In addition, you gays better know that Staples is no longer reliable place for MIR even if they call it “EASY REBATE”. So avoid purchasing with their MIR as much as possible.


Really? I’ve only done 5-6 Staples Easy Rebates, but they’ve all come ridiculously
quickly and without a hitch. I suppose all good things must come to an end.


That’s 2 gays in one day. Now get it right or i will… :bigsmile:




My apology guys. Didn’t mean to offend any one just a typo.



TCAS/ this is a sign of age.
I am not a good smeller either. LOL


No offense taken, we just thought it was funny. :bigsmile:


We’re just kidding you TCAS. I make typo’s all the time.