Staples Feb.12 Sales

Staples sales this week start Feb. 12 can be found here:

The HP Lightscribe media is mixed somepeople have got the MCC-003 media code but I got the CMC-E01, I havent burned one yet but I wish I would have got the MCC003. They cost 14.95 for 25 and I got a 3.00 discount with an empty ink cartridge coupon, so they cost about 12.00 for 25, no bad but not great either.

Alan; Staples also has Sony Burner drive on sale on Sunday but does say what model it is and the sale price with MIR is not that attractive.

Fry’s has the sony 810 for $59.99 AR. The BenQ 1655 retail is a few dollars more on newegg.