Staples DVD+RW 4x Media 25 for $12.98 Deal?

I just picked up a pack of 25 for $12.98 + tax - about $.50 per disk. I’ll check the media code tonight. This seems like a good deal - assuming I get a half dozen good burns out of each disk.

This seems like it is this a good deal? Opinions?

i think i’ve seen 8x dvd+r/w 50 packs on sale for $15 at target and a couple other places.

edit: actually, i think they’re dvd+r RW, which is different i believe. though for twice the discs and faster burns i’d still go with these.

This is a pretty good price, I’d be curious what the media code is. I’ve been buying Office Depot’s brand of -/+RW media when it goes on sale for $8-10 per 25 pack, it’s been Ritek but I’ve had no problems.

got some today, they are OPTODISK OP4

as expected they aren’t recognized by my standalone, which is very media-picky, but they are recognized by my PS2 (V5 I think)

The media code is:


They burn just fine with my NEC 3550A, and play perfectly on a Phillips Divx Ultra stand alone player.