Staples DVD-R problems

I have use Staples DVD+Rs in the past with no major problems, but this batch of DVD-Rs 8x will not read on eather my Panasonic DMR ES25 ot Liteon LVW 5005.

Have you checked the MID (under “Disc Info” in CD-DVD Speed)?

See what it is and post it here :slight_smile:

Perhaps comparing the MIDs for the “good” and “bad” Staples discs would be an idea.

Your recorders probably don’t have support for the discs if they’re not reading them. They are CMC AE1 and should burn fine in newer Liteon burners. I get decent PIE levels and very good (under 400) PIF levels with my Staples CMC AE1.

Bad Media Repor(t)


Our DVD recorders are a national treasure, we must cherrish them, and we must take care of them, protect them and feed them good media.

Nation, it has come to my personal attention via personal involvement that a new package of Staples-branded media is very problematic.

In the past I have used lots of Staples media (made in Taiwan) and they have been quite reliable for a 2nd tier brand. But this new packaging (and presumably new supplier) has been horrible (think of Bill Walton saying “Hoooorrible!” here). This explains why there were tons of them left when they were on sale for $8 per. (I mentioned this sale in the “Media Deals this week” a few days ago).

Here are the problem details:
Media: Two 50-packs of Staples DVD-R in a spindle with a yellow-gold and purple colored spindle-sleeve. This was the first time I used this new yellow-gold and purple batch of Staples media.

Media Box details:

  • Number above UPC code: #13164-US/CC
  • UPC: 7 18103 05571 0
  • Made in India

Um, not sure what that was all about. :stuck_out_tongue: Have you thought of sticking a disc in your computer and getting the media code? Also, your first post said they were the 8x discs which is typically CMC AE1, now you are saying they’re the yellow and purple packaged discs, which are 16x discs. And if they’re made in India, they’re probably MBI.

Again, your recorders probably don’t have proper support for the discs. In other words, this is a RECORDER/FIRMWARE issue, so saying the discs are horrible is probably inaccurate. You should not blame the media when lack of device support is the likely problem. You will probably have better chances of proper support with 8x media rather than 16x media, which is typical of DVD Recorders. I’d suggest using the discs in your newest burners on your computer where they should be properly supported in recent firmware.