This stuff any good? On sale starting Sunday!

what brand and speed?

hey etp:
i think most of the staples +r stuff comin out now is the moser baer india media. generally pretty good reviews on burns (even tho i haven’t tried any). my only complaint is that staples brands the tops of the discs with way to much print. looks like crap imho, if that means anything to you.

The 8x+r are either mosier baer ( MBIPG101R04) if made in india, or cmc (CMCMAGE01) if made in tiawan. I have good luck with the cmc e01 but as you probably know, there are mixed opinions about about them. I havent tried he MB but again, I think there are mixed opinions. Fyi I’m not sure about yours, but my 3500 loves the cmc e01’s.

Staples brand (I’m guessing). It’s not the first time they ran them this cheap but it has been a while.

Thanks guys! Keep the info coming. I may pick up a few if I can get a recomendation on which ones are the best. I am TDY in VA Beach and there is a Staples near by as well as everthing else. Just curious if it was a good deal!
RIPIT! I don’t have my 3500 any more! Gave it to my son. I am down to 109/1640/716 at this time but have been eying the 4550 in the maddog brand!

I’ve used both Office Max and Staples MBIPG101 R04 (8x +R, Made In India) in the past. The Staples MBI was more consistent than the Office Max (high degree of variability in burns - esp. PIF’s).

Though I get impressive initial scans on the Staples MBI’s (sometimes PIE’s <10k & PIF’s <100 on Benq 1620), they don’t seem to hold up nearly as well as TY’s. Just expect faster degradation over time - esp. from the outer edge of the disc.

If the price is cheap enough, I’d recommend them as a temporary storage alternative.

FYI: couple rescans after a few months (this is a little old but maybe worth considering).

Again, just one person’s experience, and possibly their quality has improved since then. They burn best at 8x but also can handle 12x. Never tried 16x.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

They burn better at 8x than they do at 4x?

The MBIPG101 R04’s I’ve used were all rated 8x. My Benq 1620 doesn’t like burning at 4x (with most media I have). Worth a shot if you’re curious though. :slight_smile:

My bad. I think that is like the third or forth time you have told me you gave your 3500 to your son. I would defanatly look into another nec then, they are great drives!!! Fyi, if there is one local to you, micro center has mad dogs for 50$ - 30 rebate so 20$. Its good online but after adding shipping, it might just be beter to go with newegg.

Yeah the staples brand DVD+R are nice I mostly got CMCMAGE01 they been good to me on both my BENQ 1620 and 1640. What I notice is that the clear disc on top that is eteched in big letters “Protect Disc” are generally better quality than the ones with that printed in the hub of that disc. I bought like 12 packs last time they were on sale and notice that the one with the etched protect disc generally burn better dont know why really. So now I am low and here I come again staples.

well i will use my 3 dollar coupons lol

So I guess +R MIT maybe MII?
Ripit! I guess it will be a while before Newegg gets them?

Debating if verbat at BB and OM is worth twice the price at $7.99 per 25.

The Staples brand DVD discs are made in China so far but be careful they might have switched to India made one.

Get the 50s at $15. I would vote the MCC 004s hands down over any MBI.

I have lots of both verbatium and cmc e01 on my shelf. I guess it depends on how well the cmc or MB burn for you. It never hurts to have a little verbatium for important stuff like data or very important home movies etc, but at that price I’ll burn a lot more on cmc (expecting it to burn good and last, as it has for me so far).

On the website, when you go to drives and media, one of the featured items is the 50 pk Staples +R and it appears that the offer is already valid (instant savings plus a coupon code). If you look closely at the expanded image it says up to 8x compatible.

I’ve never used Moser Baer +R, but I have used a bunch of -R (SpinX 4x from Office Max last year) and they all came out very well (best -R I’ve seen).

CMC +R from HP so far have all actually given me some of my best scans (4X and 8X rated on NEC 2500, 3520 and 6500 - better on the 2500 and 3520). Other CMC rebadges have been good for the most part, but not as good as the HP ones. Anyway, I’d say 50 MB or CMC are worth it for $8 (or $5 if you have empties to recycle).

Anybody know who makes the Staples China discs?

Just tested the online deal - it says coupon code not yet valid. Never seen them make that mistake before. also, it says free shipping, even for just the DVDs at 19.94.

Anyway, there is a Staples less than a mile from me so I’ll probably just pick them up instore unless they run out.

They’ve also got the 300 gig Maxtor for 129 again next week.

I will pick up two of each for that price!

I have yet to hear of Staples made in China, but I just saw some Riteks from China :Z :Z :Z and Office Max has some Verbatim CDs made in China as well.

I have yet to read a report here on any good media from China; I would avoid it.