Staples DVD deals etc week starting 8/7/05



Please pay attention to the date here rather than ask why these deals aren’t valid it is 8/7/05 starting date

ok so this is unverified at this point but from a source I consider relaible enough that I am posting the info here


sony dvd media 50 pack >> $19.94
sku 564107 = DVD+R
sku 564108 = DVD-R

(look for the MIJ’s for TY media here folks)

sony cd-r 100 pack >> $18.94
sku 494486

sony dvd rewritable media 25 pack >> $14.94
sku 596709 = DVD+RW
sku 596710 = DVD-RW

Staples cd/dvd round cases 40 pack >> $7.44
sku 596867

poly cd/dvd binder cases 25 pack >> $7.44
sku 595256

i/o magic 16x dbl layer lightscribe dvd burner >> $79.94 (no rebates involved)
sku 608585

lightscribe DVD+R 10 pack >> $11.94 (no rebates involved)
sku 609031

maxtor 200GB internal HDD >> $79.94 (no rebates involved)
sku 504517

There is a staples Customer appreciation coupon available also for an additional 12% off … good until Aug 13 … go get you some stuff !!Link to 12% off coupon


A little verification please …

Props to mykindofdeal on fatwallet


Wow, you guys are fast. Just a little clarification, Sony DVD-R that are MIJ’s are usually not TY? Only the +R are. At least that’s from my experience.


I didn’t know that about the Sony MIJ’s as I always buy the +R’s since I have had flawless performance from them in my lite on 1673s


I believe the SONY MIJ -R’s are SONY D11. Not certain about it though since I’ve never bought them.


Sony 8x -Rs are SONY08D1, regardless of country of origin.


bump for the coming weekend start of these deals


wow, this is fast


what is +R media code?