Staples coupons



10/20/30 dollar coupons for this coming sun/mon only


Thank-You much :clap:


Thanks Nattefrost these are very valuable coupons.


nice! thanks!


Staples printable coupons like these typically use unique codes for each and every coupon printed, so there’s a chance that these are one use only per code. Just a word of warning, hopefully that’s not the case with these or there’s going to be thousands of invalid coupons floating around. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha oh well. “i swear i never used this…it was sent to my email and I just printed it out”

…manager comes and does a credit.

besides, if you use it sunday they HAVE to give you the benefit of the doubt…I mean it’s the first day the coupon is valid!


I just got back from Staples and everything you said was true and they did honor the coupon :bigsmile:


glad to be of service :slight_smile:


Time to buy some ink! :smiley:



If what she said is true then and they DO use a unique code, consider yourself lucky that they accepted it anyway. For anyone else looking to use these coupons, keep in mind that they may not accept them.


that’s just plain illegal.


Nattefrost I want to thank for these valuable coupon, went today to Staples took the ad from Fry’s sale of Maxtor hard drive 200 GB for $69.99 got %110 price match from Staples $119.99 price for the same drive then price came down to $64.99 I showed the $30 coupon no question asked deducted $30 from $64.99 and I paid $34.99 for “Maxtor 200 GB” hard drive and walked out.




Does anyone know if CompUsa honors competitors coupons?


No they don’t, they even won’t accept their goft card.


i’m not even getting a chance to use the coupons considering i just got out of bed (2:45pm…gotta love college) and I have a shitload of laundry to do haha.

i’m sure i could have found SOMETHING to buy at staples :frowning:


I used the 20.00 one on a Casio Disc Title Printer on sale for 69.00, minus 20.00 coupon and 20.00 rebate, 29.00USD total.


Alan; But I got better deal than your, got “Maxtor 200 GB” hard drive for $35 out the door. I hope you won’t be jealous. Ha Ha


haha at risk of starting a fight about HD brand reliability, who would be jealous about a maxtor :stuck_out_tongue:

(that is a VERY good price though!)


TCAS, why you didn’t pricematch the Seagate 300GB instead? It’s showing 79.99 at Fry’s now.