Staples CD-R Media On Sale

Staples has its own brand CD-R Media on sale starting Sunday January 29 in pack of 100 for $17.94. Other DVD Staples brands are also on sale.

Whatchu talkin’ 'bout Willis? I saw that they currently have 100 packs of CD-Rs for that price, but I didn’t see any Staples DVD Media on sale in their ad for next week. Did I miss it?

They also have %12 employee discount extended to the customers this week.

I see that you changed your post from DVD to CD media, but it’s still not accurate - there is not any Staples CD-R media for sale in their ad next week either. There is NOW, not next week. Of course $18 is a bad price for 100 CD-Rs (MBI I believe). I wish the original post was correct, you had me interested for a moment :frowning: