Staples Brand 16X DVD-R/+R for $7.98 in 12 Days



Counting Down to 12 Days, Staples will be having Anniversary Sale, they will have Staples Brand Media for $7.98, all 16X, I dont know who makes them. And there might be coupon floating around for the anniversary week, so this is a super deal, mark your calender.

A few of IO Magic DVD burners are going to be on sale also, rock bottom price.


Great heads up!!!

Will this be the first time Staples has 16x on the shelf of it’s own brand?

I don’t ever remember seeing any.


I was there yesterday, all 16X on the shelf, but I forgot to check where they are made in, if MII, then I will jump on the deal, if MIT, I might if they are MCC, I am done with CMC since media are so cheap, no need to stock up on CMC.


Aren’t the Staples media mostly MBI? All the 8x stuff in the past were MBI or CMC. I know CMC makes 16x stuff but do MBI make 16x? Or, hopefully, Staples copied OM and has MCC004 for their +R 16x.


When this count down will start?.


Well hopefully someone can report if the serial number can be seen on those spindles.

At leased we could find out if they are MCC or not.

Do you remember what the every day price on them are?


May 7th is the first day, May 7th to May 13th


The 8x -R Staples discs I have used are CMC AE1 and burn pretty well, slightly higher errors than AE1 from other brands but still fairly good. I have to admit I’d like to see some MBI discs as I haven’t tried out some of their newer media and I’ve seen great results from alot of it.

The I/O Magic burner will be $30 after Easy Rebate (file online and get rebate in about a month). I figure it’s probably the same burner that they had on sale for $20 after ER on their President’s Day sale, if that’s the case then it could be a BTC, Liteon 160P6S (which I bought last sale), or a couple of other possibilities.


ghetocowboy, where did you get your info, BTW? Can you confirm that the ad states 16x? I’m wondering as even if it’s all 16x in the stores, people ordering online may get 8x unless the ad actually states 16x.


I’ve seen the new 16x dvds at Staples- they have a much nicer branding on top, and they were made in Taiwan. Hope that helps.


I was at Staples yesterday and they do not have the 8X left in stock anymore, only 16X left. They phased out the 8X. I forgot to check where they are made in, they are shiny top, very similar to TDK top surface, not like the branding 8X staples, no room left for labeling.


I’m guessing he works at staples or has a friend that does. Who cares, nice heads up!!! I’m hoping they will be maxell003(cause they are rare and I wanna try them, fat chanch in hell of that)… It would be sweet if it were another source of mcc, asuming the that the packaging shows the markings. Mcc is about all we have for 16x media right now.
I’m waiting with anticipation…


Is there an easy to identify MCC004 media from the outside of the packaging? I don’t remember seeing anything like that on the Blank Media forum. Thanks!


There is for the Verbatim at Office Max, but who knows for the Staples. Time will tell as it hits the market.

BTW, no one mentioned it, but I assume you would not be this excited unless these were 50 packs. Right?


Wow, a dozen posts and no one even asked how many per spindle. :wink: I assume it’s for the 50-packs, right? Are these the Teons? I’ve seen some Staples brands that were made in China. No way. Not even worth the effort to record.


here is how we have identified it on others. I guess it just depends on if you can see the appropriate are through the packaging or not.


Look up.


Thanks, Ripit, Chas0039. I’ll take a close look at a pack next time I’m in my local staples–maybe tomorrow.


They are 50 spindles with no visiable markings.


$7.98 is worth it even if they are CMC MAG. Not for my personal use, but for copy’s to freinds and family.

Someone go buy a pack and return it before the sale starts. :wink: