Staples Add Starts 03/18



Here Is Staples add for this Sunday.


thanks much for the notice.


Thanks, Wobble. Sony 100 packs of DVD media for $24.98 looks interesting. But I don’t think I recall ever seeing Sony MIJ in anything except 25 packs at Staples. Of course that won’t stop me from going by to check them out.


Yeah, I’ll be price matching some Sony 50 packs at Sears. I hope they still have some TYs in stock. Not the greatest price at $15, but with the PM they are still a pretty good deal.


Anyone know the media codes for Playo -r 16X???


It is CRAPDISC016 :bigsmile:

Seriously , Playo is a HK crap , stay away even if for such a low price .


While Sony MIJ hasn’t been available in 100-packs, it’s been ubiquitous in the 50-packs, which, as you might have noticed, are also on sale. Unfortunately, MIJ media has been slowly disappearing from the market, so finding them now will be much more difficult.

Office Depot will also have Sony media on sale next week, only $12.99 for a 50-pack, so you can PM them at Staples and knock the price down a couple more bucks. OD rarely has MIJs, although they did send out some 50% off coupons for Sony media, so at least the MITs will be cheap.

Lastly, you can always use the Staples or Office Depot ad to get some 8x +R MIJ Sony media at Sears with a price match. Those are TYs.


Playo +R is MCC004, -R is MCC03RG20. While apparently fake, the MCC004 discs burn very well, better than some of my genuine MCC004. The MCC03RG20 discs are only mediocre though from my burns. My 8x Playo MIC/HK discs are good for cheap discs as well, so if you just need some cheap discs for everyday uses the +Rs work fine.


You might want to add though that YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) depending on which burner and firmware revision you have. :wink:


What is the rebate limit on the Playo disks? What has it usually been?


I see that the Sony 100 pack CD-R are on sale for $15.99, Circuit City has the Philips 100 pack CD-R on sale for $11.99, which brand is better?


It’s tough to find “bad” CD-R’s, either of the above should work fine for most uses. I would buy based on price.


Your post made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle. :clap:


I agree, but I would add that burning at 20X or lower will really make a big difference in the burn quality of low quality CDRs. Most of it turns out to be CMC.

Those Sandisk add prices are dropping through the floor. With the new Contour coming out, dealers must be in a real hurry to dump their inventory.


It will likely state a limit of 1 and the wording is usually confusing on whether that means just one spindle, or 1 spindle each of +R and -R since they’re different SKUs. But I’ve never had a problem getting rebates on buying one each of +R and -R so you’ll probably be ok with one of each if you’d like.

The -R discs are fully readable, they just have random clumps of PIFs and higher overall PIEs, fine for unimportant burns. I haven’t had my 16x Playo discs for more than a few months so stability can only be confirmed over a short period, but no problems with my 8x Playo for upwards of 18+ months. But go with the +Rs if only buying one spindle.


I am losing fait on Staples so called “Easy Rebates” since me still waiting for my rebate that I sent to them early Dec. last year. In addition, the prices are not that reasonable and all attached to easy rebates.


Rebate limit is 10!

Buy three and use a coupon.

See my post here for info on the $15 off $75 coupon:
Playo Deal


If you consider buying Playo then consider also that you are wasting your money this is not worth buying.


what about the Philips 25 pack at CircuitCity for $6.99 this week, are those better than the Playo ones, just want good inexpensive DVD’s for quick burns when needed? thanks


Just because I was in Staples and I needed some CD-R’s and my Yudin printables were in transit from Supermedia store. I bought the Sony CD-R (MIT) for 15.99 for the hundred. I have to say I haven’t had trouble for a while with any CD-R’s until these. I generally am able to burn then import the music tracks into iTunes on my Mac and it comes in at 16 to 20X.

I had to burn these at 12X to be able to inport them at all. Normal higher speed burns would import at 1X or even slower. One CD I couldn’t even import as it locked up my iTunes application. While I do prefer Yudin’s, I have used many other brands and never had these issues. But so far my first two CD’s have taken 2 hours to do. I will stay away from these in the future. I should have made the journey about 10 miles farther to get the KMart Fuji’s. :wink: