Staples ad for week of Oct. 21

Ad here. Didn’t see anything exciting. Memorex is the media on sale. :disagree:

Thanks again 8miler.

Staples FTW. <3
There used to be one in my town but it closed down. ;[


We’ve still got one here in my bit of the UK, I spent an insane amount there last month. Worst thing was we forgot to bring the Rewards Card :doh:

[B]Sicknaaa. ;>[/B]

Tell me about it LOL!

[B]I would of just told the serving person lady thing thing to wait a bit while you went home and got it. ;>
Either that or they risk losing a customer!! xD[/B]

I think you can add it to your account online here in USA.

8mh, Thanks for posting the Next Weeks Staples ad

If you bring the receipt and your card the next time you shop they will add it to your rewards total.

Wow i noticed Memorex has been on sale alot lately i guess sence it SUCKS so bad there trying to sale them the most.

Customers: 90% have no knowledge of media, so they buy anything on sale, especially Memorex, is considered as the most popular brand among media products.
only 10% CDFREAKERS, and thus Memorex Sells Regardless