Staples ad for week of June 3

Can be found here. Staples brand media on sale in 50- and 100-packs and Sony DVD media in 100-packs.

Thanks, 8mh


I will have to look for some MII Staples 16x +R’s, they are good for giveaway discs and I have a few empty carts to make it a good deal

How do they burn these MII of Staples?, you must be satisfied that you are looking for more even on give away bases.

I can’t seem to find a scan :rolleyes:

I will burn one later and post it up here…

OK here is a LG H42N 12x burn, not full. They really burn much better at 8x but acceptable at 12x.

At least you had under 1000 PIF :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a great scan for that media. Congrats. :iagree:

Yeah I get those for giveaways, more than acceptable and that was my last one. I hope I can find a 100 pack MII when I head over Monday.