Staples ad for week of July 15

Ad can be found here. As rumored, Kodak DVD-R media on sale (50 @ $10.98), also HP DVD-R and CD-R media.

sorry who makes Kodak DVD-R media? Is this the made in India stuff? like Imation? :Z

But thanks for posting the info. :slight_smile:

This thread says they’re Optodisc.

pass thank you.

Not really my type of media, plus I stocked up on Verbatim Sunday so I’m good on media for a little bit.

If it’s MIT, then it’s Optodisc. That’s what you want to look for. +R Optodisc can burn as good as T02. There is also MIC, but you don’t want that.

Thanks again 8miler

Optodisc are getting much better lately. But also watchout for Made in China Spindle because I did see MIC spindle at my Staples under Kodak brand

Bought a pack today. Has media code of ume02. Burned okay on lg burner.

Did you look for any MIT spindles?

Yes. They were all made in China.

Everything in the Staples I went to was MIC so I passed.

So did I Metrock. I am probably good for a few years now. I over did it a bit because I am not sure whether these newly packaged Verbs will be first run or the quality will be as good in the future, not that you can go wrong with any of the MCC004, but the newly packaged one I have bought seem to be the best I have seen since 2004.:iagree: