Staples ad for week of Feb. 18

Are the IO Magic drives actually marked Benq, LG or LiteOn?

The drive in the box had the regular liteOn label, just nothing on the box to identify it.

:slight_smile: Thanks at Staples I will be opening boxes Sunday, a coupla more 160P6Ss at that price would be nice!!

All these special have easy rebate attached to them which I no longer trust their easy rebate process. But they have this weem untill Sunday

Memorex Flash Drive of 1GB for $14.99 no rebate
Memorex Flash Drive of 2 GB for $29.99 no rebate.

If I could be sure of getting another Litey 160P6S, I’d be all over this for a cheap backup. The one I have now gets a lot of use. :flower:

My own experience shows if you get I/O Magic with LightScribe then chances that is BenQ 1655 is very high.

That one goes on sale, too, but its price is then fifty bucks (normal price eighty bucks).

FWIW, I was in an INDY Staples yesterday and peeked at the plastic wrap…it was NON-pink.

I just picked one up in the DC area… BenQ DW1670. FWIW, it had I/O Magic tape/seal over the flap.

Oh well, at least you got a good Litey reader for cheap. I’m referring to the fact that the 1670 is a rebadged Lite-On since Litey bought out BenQ.

LG’s at the Deptford and Audubon NJ stores

I checked my nearby staples’s and all their Playo’s were 16x and Made in China. :frowning: I didn’t even bother. It’s not an easy rebate either,gotta send it directly to playo and takes a very long time.

I went to staples this morning and bought the Iomagic which is a BQ1670. I was looking for a pink package to get a liteon but all they had were these. I have another bq1670 and have had good results . I cross flashed it from a Atapi DVD DC 16X8x5 using speed patched software posted by Zevia to a benq1670 then I updated to the latest firmware. A link to that is and some more info here
I did this in safe mode and had no problems.

And that’s what you got. 1670 is a re-badged Litey.

I just got one of the Sandisc Cruiser 2gb, For 14.99 no rebates you cannot beat that. :clap:

The 1670 is NOT a rebadged Liteon, it’s a drive that was made before the merger with Liteon but it’s not a Nexperia chipset either (Matsushita/Pansonic I think). Not having the Nexperia chipset, it’s not really a Benq as Benq enthusiasts have come to know them, and certainly not a Liteon (Mediatek). It’s a mediocre drive, burn quality is ok, as a reader it’s a Piece of Shet. It will perform TRTs at proper full speeds in CD-DVD Speed, however I have two of these drives and neither of them will actually rip DVDs at the speed that the TRTs are performed, it’s baffling actually. For example, rip time on a full SL disc should take about 5 minutes, with these drives it takes almost 8 minutes by contrast. I have a thread about this in the Benq forum, but long story short for $20 I would just spend another $10 and get something good off of Newegg. Or see if you can find the LG or Liteon in the I/O Magic boxes at Staples.

To b4me if he/she reads this, for a new or casual user to DVD Burning, the drive will be fine with decent media. For CDFreaks like myself, it’s a disappointing drive compared to older Benqs which it shares nothing in common. But stick to decent media and burn at 8x and you’ll be fine. I’d also mention 12x, but the drive requires a hack to the firmware to support 12x burning.

How did you guys got the 2GB Flash drive (ScanDisk) for $14.99?, the ad syas $24.99 after $7 MIR?.

u guys no theres a $10 off coupon for the sandisk 1GB. people r gettin this drive for $5.00. no rebates. chck over at slickdeals, i think.

I don’t see any coupon in Staples site.

The I/O Magic that I bought at Staples was a Lite-On 160P6S and it was wrapped in pink bubble wrap. I live in CT.