Staples ad for week of April 15



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I just got my email from Staples :clap: but thanks for the post 8mh (8 miles high?)


… and when you touch down :iagree:


thanks for the notice.


They have I/O Magic internal 16x DVD double-layer drive for $39.99 which there is a possibility of being repackage of BenQ drive.


I went today and they had 2 of those, with black face plates. All the optical drives had security tags with wire on them, though, so you couldn’t pull the bottom flap of the box away enough to see the writing on the top of the drive.

Any other clues to look for?


You used to be able to tell by the color of the plastic bag that the drive is in. Pink being Liteon, clear being BenQ. This may still hold true but have heard of people getting BenQ 1670’s and DQ60’s as well as other brands of drives in the clear bags. Many people have just bought a drive and then returned it if if is not what they want.


I bought a few two months ago when they had the Iomagic for $40.00 with a $20.00 rebate -the black was an LG and the beige was a benq which I crossflashed to a BQ1670 . You can also get a liteon.


I’m not holding my breath when i go to the 2 local Staples stores here and i don’t want a 1670 :disagree:


rolling; let’s hope you will get 1640 or 1655 one.

Edit: Correction since the picture of the drive do not indicate LightScribe then getting 1655 is out of question but 1650 is the possibility.



The only thing you can get is a DW1670. I/O Magic does NOT rebadge the 1640 or the 1650.

They do rebadge the 1655, but that’s only for the drives with LightScribe.

The drives that will be on sale can be one of four models:

  1. Lite-On 160P6S
  2. Samsung S182
  3. LG H10N
  4. BenQ 1670

The Samsung and the LG come in boxes that have black faceplate stickers on the front. The Lite-Ons come in bags that are pink.


The manager at my local Staples took the security thing off the box for me when they had the sale before and let me look when I told him it could be different drives. I just mentioned if it wasn’t the drive I wanted I was gonna return it. He said it wouldn’t matter people return things all the time.


I agree at staples this is true.


You used to be able to get the BenQ 1650 in the I/O Magic boxes.

Perhaps those days are gone.


Still there is a possibility of getting one out of I/O Magic it all depend to luck.


The last time they had the I/O Magics on sale I ended up with a Samsung. I was just happy that I didn’t end up with a Benq 1670.


If you see I/O Magic with LightScribe function displayed on the box, there is very high possibility that the box is repackage of BenQ 1655.


My I/O Magic LightScribe external is a Samsung SH-S182M. Works pretty good. The box said 16X, got an 18X.


I can’t remember the last time the I/O Magic LightScribe version was on sale at my local Staples. If/when it was on sale, I don’t think they took much off the price.

Do you have the lead-in problem with your external SH-S182M?
(about a quarter inch blank gap between the hub and where the drive began to write)

Do you burned discs play on every drive or stand alone DVD player you’ve tried them in?


I have one really old Apex that doesn’t like any burned disks. I’ve been using cheap (RitekW04 @ 25 for $9) DVD-RW without a problem. They read fine on a different Apex and my Panasonic surround player. They also read fine on the other 3 computer decks. I mostly burn MIJ Sony or Verbatim LightScribe +Rs but looked at the hub of the couple -Rs I’ve burned and they look like they all start at about the same distance from the hub ring.