Staples ad for January 21-27



Ad is here. There’s also a 12% friends and family discount here good January 20-23.


Thanks, too bad I’m not looking for software. Someone give me a dual layer verbatim media sale! :stuck_out_tongue:


They have Sony DL media for $35 for a 25 pack. {shrug} haven’t taken much interest in DL media as yet with the price still being over $1 a disk, so I don’t know off hand if the Sony MIDs are anything decent, or if it’s that Ritek crap :Z But there you have it, there IS in fact, a DL sale in that circular.



FINALLY! 25 packs of Sony! My store has tons of MIJ 8x+R. Not the best price but cheaper than I can get them anywhere else.

If the Sony DL is MIS it’s MKM


If you can grab a K-Mart ad you can pricematch them for $7 a pack until tomorrow. Cleared out my Staples yesterday. :bigsmile:


So does the Staples near me. I am going to buy about 400 of them this time. Even though 8.98USD for 25 is not cheap, it is better than an online retailers price with shipping. Not much, but better.:iagree:


Alan, don’t pay $9 for 25 when you get pay $7 for 25. Grab last Sunday’s K-Mart circular as jhtalisman suggests or print it out online and do a price match. That extra $2 per pack adds up quickly.

The K-Mart sale is good [B]through[/B] tomorrow. It doesn’t end tomorrow.

For what it’s worth I’ve actually had better luck finding 50-packs of Sony/TY 8x +R. I’ve only seen a few of the 25-packs that were.


thanks much for the notice here.gonna get that 320 DVD holder. great price for $15


Does any one know of any coupon being available from Staples?.


It’s not Verbatim :doh: Ritek media sucks. It’s a gamble for the Sony DL but I don’t feel like rolling the dices. But for my quest to find some good cheap DL media I happen to stumble onto this—> Verbatim DVD-R 16x Spindle 50pk.
Item # 21016927 , Style # 95101 EA $12.99@ Office Max LINK
They seem to start around the same time as this Staples ad too. Starts on the 21st.


12% off coupon here with some restrictions.


You don’t need to roll the dice on the DL, if it’s Made in Singapore then it is MKM Verbatim, if it’s not then don’t buy it.


I’m on my way to Staples now… Just called them and their price matching policy seems pretty straightforward, they call the othe retailer to verify the sale and whether or not the product is in stock (if not in stock, no dice)…

But last time I went to staples they had several splindles of 25 pack +R MIJ.


Exactly… This is win-win fellas. Though the chance if finding MIS is low, you know that the MIT is going to be Ritek.


Stopped by Staples and price matched the 25packs of Sonys… It was the easiest thing ever, no questions asked. Just bring in the Kmart flyer and you’re golden.

I walked out with three 25 pack of Sony +R MIJ for 21$ grinning from ear to ear. Kmart hadn’t stocked any MIJ media, looks like it’s all 16x MIT garbage.

Looks like the supply is drying up.


Best Buy will have DL verbatim for sale for $30 for 20 next week, according to this thread


Great tip- thanks. Just got back from Staples with 2x25pk Sony DVD-R and 2x25pk DVD+R price matched at the $7 K-Mart price (took the printed K-Mart ad in). W/o tax that’s $0.28/DVD for quality MIJ. Awesome.


What is their MID? Are they TY?


The 25pack of 8x Sony MIJ media I have are Yuden000 T02.

I wasn’t able to locate any -R MIJ media though, it was all MIT.


So for the dual layer disks, only made in Singapore is the mkk media code?

Is there even a DL made in japan disk under the sony label, or just make in taiwan?