Staples ad for BF and Sat

Link here.

Thanks for posting that!

There’s an IoMagic DVD drive for $20 after a $50 easy rebate. I’ve had great luck with the Staples rebate system, so this looks like a potentially great deal. Is it a BenQ, though? Staples doesn’t have any IoMagic drives that regularly sell for $70, so I have no clue what drive this is! Any thoughts?

thnx for the notice on this one…not sure where to go at all…hehe

I noticed that some things have changed. The 19in Samsung monitor for $129 is now a 20in for $179.

Last year it was a Benq DW-1670. I wonder what it will be this year?

Western Digital My Book 400Gb external drive and the Samsung Laser printer looks tempting to me…

I went to Staples last year for BF deals too

Thanks for sharing the info…

I see the Playo DVD’s apear to be 16x. Nothing on Videohelp about them but I suppose if I had to guess they would be CMC although it doesn’t look like a CMC cake pack.

Might be worth it to use a Ink and get one of each for $3 haha

I won’t make it to Staples until Saturday so if anyone gets any before then be sure to post the MID and where they are made.

Don’t bother with the Playo disc I would suggest…
Some -Rs died on me while I purchased them last year’s BF from Staples also…
I think I still have one 50-spindle left in my closet…I just never bother to use it anymore…

I normally wouldn’t bother either but for that price I will try them out.

I was at Staples today they were putting the playo’s out on display table package said made in China.Does anybody know if the Samsung 20in monitor for $179 is a good quality monitor they didn’t have any on display to look at.

Samsung display monitors stands among the best monitors in the market go for it without hasitation.

I would stay away from playo MIC regardless of price attraction.

Hey with this price ($19.99) you can’t even buy a DVD player you got nothing to lose regardles what is in side of the box.

BTW: thank mh8 for good information some of these stuff are real bargain.


MIC, yes stay far away.

the only 20" widescreen from Samsung are the 205bw and the 204bw
they’re basically the same except the 204bw has thinner frame
I bought 205bw middle of this year and they goes for around 300 bucks
I would have go for another one only that I have a MicroCenter near, I was more tempted to the 32" LCD TV for $369 deal… :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are really tempted then go for 32" it must be amazing to browsw in to 32" and with catpture card in your PC to watch TV also.

Thanks TCAS,I took off work Friday im going to try and get the monitor,burner and 200 gig maxtor hardrive.I bought some of those MIC Playo’s last year for $2.00 a 50 pack and they were not even worth that :doh:
I bought 4 of those I/O Magic burners last year all were Ben-Q 1670’S

They emailed me a $50.00 off rewards coupon good for today so i bought a Canon IP4300 printer for $50.00 plus tax :smiley:

I bet you meant 1650…
1670 has not came out last year… :stuck_out_tongue:

The Playos from last year (8x) were AML002 and UME01, both of which burn suprisingly quite well in my burners. For cheap media I have no complaints at all and I have quite a bit of AML002 that is now over a year old and has remained stable so far. While they may not be appropriate for important burns, I’ve had good results. But then if these are 16x discs I have no idea what they’ll be.

I don’t know. I’m looking for a 1640, 1650, or 1655. I won’t buy a BenQ that can’t do quality scans. I need a replacement for my 1620, when it dies.

Is CompUSA the only store that still sells the good BenQ drives?