Staples ad for 1/8 - 1/14

To help ripit have 1 less ad to scan here’s Staples ad i got in e-mail today. You have to put your zip code in. For those with no zip code,my old one is 92843 >

i’m extremely disappointed (not in you…in the ad!)

I’ve been waiting like 3 weeks now for sony to go on sale. someone better have som ethis week!

every store near me is stocked with MIJ sony, and it’s starting to make me angry!

Just go to and buy 100 for 40.00, Its non branded Taiyo Yuden and you know you will be getting the real deal. Checkout Merirline and All media also they have sales all the time.

sales now are 14.99 for 50.

if i price match somewhere and get 10% off it gets even lower…and if that somewhere happens to be staples, I’ll get $3 off each spindle because i have a million ink coupons.

i’m looking at paying $9.50 plus tax per spindle (or $19 per 100) if the damn things ever just go on sale.

Plus it drives me nuts because I know every store around here has the damn MIJ, they just need to go on sale already!

me too, I have a lot of ink cartdriges since I have an epson 6-ink cartdridge system and I print on DVD a lot so I have a stock pile of empty ink cartdrigde. But I was able to take advantage of the 30 colored Fuji’s for $8.99 - $3 coupon, all MIJ. But not those Fujis are no longer MIJ, the only MIJ spindles I see left are those SONY’S and I’ve been eyeballing them ever since.

The last Sony 8x +R I purchased were YUDEN000 T02 the 8x -R were Sony. Is that normal? Of cource I have to chuckle at the irony of Sony selling blank DVD Media…

I never knew they did that? So they email you the ad early?

I had it in my mail box when i got on at 7am cst today. Doesn’t happed all the time though,just once in awhile. Thought you might see this and not have to scan. Just point to this thread :slight_smile:

Actually I just saw it a little while ago but you posted it a while before I posted mine, so it gave everybody even earlier notice. I hate when I work in the morning on saturday as I usally get the ads out pretty late. At least its still the day before though so people are prepared for items they want that might sell out quick the first morning of the ad.

Do those Memorex’s have any possibility of being good? I have been burning for a while but just started caring about media and prices and bargains and all that jazz since I don’t have as much money as I once did. :sad:

The problem with memorex is that they buy whatever they get cheapest and use several diffrent medias. Memorex can be very good but they can also be incredably bad (unusably bad). the risk is very high of them being crap or below average. If you want decent media out of what is on sale, get the nexxtech’s at circuit city that are mcc (see this thread for how to find the mcc’s)
or the maxell at office depot (make sure the maxells are made in japan, if they are not, don’t get them). The maxell are riskier though as they are 100 packs and even good media sometimes doesn’t burn well on a particular burner. If the nexxtech’s work well, then you know that either them or verbatium 8x-r will work well.

The real deal? What’s so much more “real” about the Rima TY over the Sony-branded YUDEN000T02?

For one thing they are not branded, and the second thing is, and this is just my opinion from having bought over 2000 discs from them, they send out the better batch numbers, the last batch I bough was batch 1133 and they were much better than the Sony batch 1159 that I bought on sale at Best Buy. I think Rima deals with professional companies and they have to carry “First Stamped” discs.

Odd, the newer batches like 1158 and 1159 give me better results than 1133, but this is all with branded T02. I had one batch of unbranded T02 from Rima and the results were exactly the same as a TDK-branded T02 spindle I had at the time. The only real advantage I see for buying from Rima, etc is to get the inkjet printables; I can’t stand the shiny silver dust magnet discs.

You are right about that, fingerprint magnets too, but believe it or not my cheapo Casio Disc Printer does a beautiful job on these unbranded discs and there is more room to" title" because it is hard to Print on the brand name.