Staples ad (12/10/06 US)/sony media

Got this in my email.

Make sure to click the UpComing circular tab in the top left corner if it shows last weeks ad.
25$ for a hundred isn’t too bad for sony media.

thnx for the heads up on this one.

Anyone know what MFG makes the Sony DVD-R’s?

I always use Verbatim for DVD’s, but got a 100 pack of Sony CD-R’s and have been very happy with them, so was maybe wondering if I should check 'em out just for kicks.


Thank you very much ripit :flower:

Time to do PM for TY Sony @ Sears :wink:

AFAIK most of the 16x-R’s are Sony made. Some have been TYG03’s but none recently that I have seen.

Very good, wonder (hope) they’re MIJ Ty’s.

If I did’t have 300+ blank DVDs I might go for it, I still may.

I purchesed 100 DVD-Rs and 100 DVD+Rs and used 3 $3 (inkjet return coupons) plus 12% off coupon so paid $37.26 (tax included) for 200 DVDs (less thsn $0.18 each). Media reads:
DVD-R (SONY 16D1) DVD+R (SONY D21). Looks like a good deal for me for every day use.

I am going to head over in a few hours after work to get some SONY D21’s. Your right for everyday use they get the job done, who knows I may get lucky and find some -R TYG03’s

Thank you. :slight_smile:

[B]Only 300?[/B] Is that all? You needed to restock badly. :cool: Some members here have more blank media than BB.

Out the door with 100 pack DVD+R (SONY D21) -coupon -3 inks +tax $13.61

Asus DRW-1612BL 16x Burn

Very good MegaDETH , were those MIJ or MIT ?

My Staples’ Sony D21 MIJ are always 2800-3000 PIF total :slight_smile:

Believe it or not they were MIT.

I had the same high PIF totals with my last 50 cake pack MIT so I was very pleased with these.

How do you tell if they are MIJ or MIT?


BTW, so Sony makes their own disks? Or contracts out to only one or two suppliers like Verbatim does?

Both. Discs with Sony MID made in Japan are made by Sony. The ones made in Taiwan are made by Daxon.

Best Buy have them for a few dollars lower unless you want to do price matching and use ink cartridge. My ink cartridge wont work anymore since I am using Epson printer

Don’t forget though that the Sony MIJ -R can be TYG02 8x or TYG03 16x.
I know the 8x will have a white Octigonal spacer on top, sorry don’t remember what spacer the 16x has.

I guess I am sort of looking for one alternative to recommend to folks besides Verbatim. If these Sony DVD blanks are worth recommending, I’d like to know about it.

As I said, I have had very good luck with Sony CD-R’s in my car stereo, for example, which is picky about recognizing burned CD mixes. Verbatim CD’s don’t work with it very well, but Sony’s do.

So I thought maybe Sony DVD’s might be worth a look, just as an option.

Any good info would be helpful and appreciated.

Thanks very much,


Both 8x and 16x have white octagonal spacers on top.
I am very positive on 16x since I have two of them right next to me now :smiley:
I am searching for more now since I hate those on rima or whatever online store tygs with shiny dust and funger print magnet surface nor the white printables that might be come off or stick to the recording layer of above disc since I store backups on spindle case :doh: