Staples ad (1/15/06 US)
Don’t know why i keep getting these but if i continue to get them i will post them. Sony 50 pks on sale for those that are wanting them :slight_smile: Hope ripit sees this so he don’t have to scan.



Thanks “rolling56”.
I was just going to post this but was not sure quite how to do it. (still a newb at alot of things). Hope ripit sees it too. Might save him some time.
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think i may have to unload a few of my verbatim 16x spindles. nothing burns better for me than these sony ty (+r).

I have a NEC-3500a (stock firmware) that I bought around Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Also got a Plextor PX-740 (recent Best Buy deal).

How well do the Sony +R (I assume if they are made in Japan they are TY?) in my burners?

Also, they are rated at 8x. Will they burn at 16x in both of my burners (remember, stock firmware in both).

can someone post a copy of that ad here? my browser goes nuts when
i go to that link…i don’t want to bother openning myself up to who
knows what to see it. might just be cookies but might be activex.
anyway, sounding like sony TY on sale? drool. how much?
i have used fuji TY +R 8x in past and they are great with my Benq 1640
and previous BTC 1116IM (never overspeeded though) but they are disappearing and i thknk sony MIJ
is the same thing.

Here is the ad as per your request, the grapic of the packaging enlarged indicates the DVD- as being 1x-8X, I would assume the DVD+ is the same and the 8X’s DVD+ made in Japan should be the Ty’s.

Sorry don’t know fo sure since I never buy DVD-, I don’t believe Sony packages DVD- that are TY’s.

thanks itzbinnice,
that looks like the stuff i’m looking for, if it says MIJ for +R…$15 is a good (but standard) sales price. (amazes me bb and staples etc charge $40
but have them on sale every few weeks for $15…ripping off the unsuspecting)
you saved me a trip…i was about to go look for them but i see they
only go on sale starting 15th. thanks.
ps. if +R are MIJ they should be Yuden000-T02-000

be advised that sony dvd +r 1 - 16x mij r starting to show up. even tho the package says mij the mid was sonyd21 (??? i think). i bought some of these bout a month back from compusa and the burns were nothing close to the ty t02. i ended exchanging them for the 8x media. sku on 8x and 16x is exactly the same.

Were the 16x Sony media labelled as 1 - 16x?

yes. on the ty +r media it’s a reddish oblong patch that says “1x -8x”. on the 16x the oblong patch is green and says “1x - 16x”

Any Staples coupons going on after or on the 15th of January?

i don’t know about anything special, but if you bring in an empty ink cartridge they give you a $3 coupon. that’s an ongoing promotion though.

I’ll never buy blank media unless it’s on sale and things are on sale often enough that it’s really never a problem.

I stopped in a Staples on the way home from work and they had about 10 spindles of Sony+ 8x made in Japan, I should be OK for Sunday’s sale. I also looked at the DVD- 8X and some were made in Japan and others Taiwan.

Does anybody know what the media code is for the Sony 8x DVD- media made in Japan. A co-worker is interested in that media, I don’t want to recommend it without knowing the MID. I strickly use only + since my burners are both set for bitsetting.

Edited: Just checked out and they show two codes for Sony DVD- 8x, one is Sony 08D1 and the other is DAXONO 16S, I think the Sony 08D1 would be the Japan, can someone confirm this and is that media any good?

The scans I’ve seen of Sony 08D1 usually have PIF from 750-1750 in the scans I’ve seen. They are ok, but not the same quality of the yuden000t02 Sony DVD+R 8x.

Those Staples $3 empy ink jet catridge coupons are supposed to be stackable with each other, so you should be able to use two or more on the same purchase.

cmisenko, thanks for heads op on 8x vs 16x labeling.

reasonsnotrules and mshan242700:
where can i find out more about this blank ink cartridge deal???
i have lots sitting around here. i can’t throw anything away but i will
turn them in for cash :slight_smile:

the ink cart exchange is simple. walk into staples, hand them ink cartridges, the hand u $3.00 coupon :slight_smile: . just remember, coupons expire after 3 months. i have not been able to stack coupons @ any of my staples tho.

I wish. Not at the 2 local ones here.