Staples 50pc 8x DVD+Rs for $15 Feb13-19?



Staples is selling their own branded 8x media this week for $15/ 50pc spindle. I have only bought the 25pc spindles before so I am taking a risk and saying the 50pc are the same media (if they say made in India)

The media codes are
+R MBIPG101R04 which I highly recommend for NEC3500 and Benq1620 as these burning very well at 12x :slight_smile:
-R FUJIFILM003 which I don’t so highly recommend

If the spindles say made in Tiawan, then I don’t know what the hell they are and I apologize for misleading you. :o

Remember to use coupon if you’ve gottem’.


how about a scan of the dvds you’ve burned to show how good they really are? :smiley:


He’s posted scans among the BenQ forum already - the media does scan out very nicely indeed!


Here’s one:


Is this online coupon (printable) or paper coupon in the mail? If online, link please.


these discs are cmc mag e01
$16.26 out the door.


They didn’t have Made In India 50 pks @ my Staples so i passed. They did have 25 pks of MII but $12.99 was to much for them so i passed. I have enough CMC MAG E01’s here.


Sorry - I think I lead everyone astray. All the staples around me only had 50pc spindles that said made in Tiawan on them. Very poor assumption on my part. I got one 50 pc spindle because I thought that I was pretty much obligated to do so. I will post the media code info when I get the chance - I assume that they will be some CMC MAG…sorry.

So - skip this deal and go Best Buy instead for the deal on Fujis - that’s what I did. :o


Well the DVD+Rs are CMC MAG-E01-00 :Z
Can be burned at 12x on the NEC - but quality can be quite variable.

Not worth the trip.

My apologies. :o


I’m going to go back later this week and see if all the 50 pks are gone and then see if they will give me 2/25 pks of MII for the same price lol


where can i get a benq drive from local stores instead of online? :bow: and are the -rs good?


Circuit City and Staples both carry the Beq 1620 as a rebadged IO Magic 16x burner. Just watchout that you don’t get a BTC drive instead. The boxes that contain the BTC will say 4x DL writing whereas the Benq will say 2.4x DL writing.

I didn’t get a spindle of -Rs, so I don’t know what they are. Odds are good for CMC MAGS though - which are very hit or miss in quality in my experience. The spindle I got today appears to be okay. :slight_smile:

Burned at 12x (on NEC - Benq will only listed capability of burning up to 8x :frowning: ).


Discentropy > Use ala42’s MCSE Tool and change strats of CMC MAG E01 to CMC MAG M01 with B7T9 .cvt file. Look at the results thread in BenQ forum >


i posted in another thread. 2.4 dl buring speed is no longer a sure sign. i bought an i/o magic with 2.4dl (at target) and got a “magic spin” made in china drive. so i/o magic can now be either benq, btc, or a magic spin. ymmv.


Have done 2 with the NEC 3520 at 8x and 12x and they’re fine.I’ll live with em.


Maybe someone else can clarify that for me… I was not aware that magic spin was an actual drive manufacturer - I thought they were a rebadge - reseller as well :confused: Anyways - I think the rebadged IO Magic Benq drives also had their firmware printed on the box??? SO if you become familiar with the number system - you ought to be alright.

@ rolling56

Thanks for the heads up - i will try that firmware out when I get a chance…I was holding out for a version where I would have to wipe out an existing media code to map write strategy swaps, but I hae never used M01 media before - so its time to give that patchable firmware a try… :slight_smile:


The picture on the box seems to accurately depict the drive inside. Benq’s have the activity led right next to the open/close button. The led on the BTC (Magicspin) is about 1/3 of the way in from the left side of the drive.

FWIW - I haven’t seen a Benq version at CUSA or CC for some time down in S. Fla.


can you post some pictures? :bow:


2 50pks?


Those cmcmage01 burn pretty good on my liteon and my 3500 (maddog firmware) but I already have a few hundred of them. It’s a pretty good price.