Staples 50 Pack of DVD-R 1-8x speed for only 12.99!

Link: <<<best deal ever :slight_smile:

Yes, if you want 50 coasters i guess :disagree:

if only they had the $5 off media coupon again I’d buy tons of these


they’re cmc E01 and burn very good

8x in liteon:

8x in samsung 182M:

attatched is 12x in liteon

btw, I got these for free after sale, $5 media coupon, and 3 ink coupon...well I guess I had to pay .62 tax, so almost free

Not a good deal/ got these for 5.99 and 7.99 a few months back. Also the Staples +R is better media. Love it and use it all the time.

doh! I didn’t even notice this was for -R (scans in previous post were all staples +R) but under further investigation, +R is the same deal

does anyone know if there are any staples coupons floating around? I’m down to my last ~25 of these :sad:

Dude, why are you starting this thread??? You get Verbatim or Sony MIJ spindles for this same price. And I got bunch of this already during their anniversary sale for $7 each spindle.

You just beat me with this post , that’s exactly what I was going to say :smiley:
Plus Sony MIJ DVD-R 16X could be TYG03 :bow:
Anyway CMC MAG E01 is very good MID but I prefer it under LG or HP brands :bigsmile:

Last I heard TYG03 weren’t the best media to burn. That being said I agree that you can find better deals on Verbatim or Sony. It’s good to know the media options but you definitely can do better for the money.

Yep there are some good deals out there. get a price match at BB/CC/OD/Sears.

I have great experience with TYG03 (at least from Panasonic) :

Burnt@12X with Pio 111L 8.26 .
I know it is not as great as some HOF T02 or MCC004 scans but it is very good in my book and most importantly : very consistent :smiley:

Yes, still much better than most MIT media (except for MCC 004).

Why buy TYG03 when you can get MCC 004 for the same price??


Each person has their own preference. I have yet to hear of one but it is possible that some setups burn TYG03 better than MCC 004.

My thoughts exactly. I don’t burn much dash media but if I did I would not use TYG03, never really had much luck with them.

Because I can only find Panasonic TYG03 media here in Egypt :bigsmile:

There is some sooo far away place (Virgin Mega Store) here that sells MCC004 (Prodisc made !!) for less than the TYG03 , 55 LE for 10 disc spindle for MCC vs 70 LE for 10 disc slim cases pack of TYG03 .
Some MCC burns gave me excellent quality and some gave me terrible quality from the same 10 disc spindle . Inconsistency is the name of the game :doh: , while TYG03 burns the same across 30 or so discs for me .

Here is the best MCC scan vs the worst one :
Burnt with Pioneer 110

I do not know where you are, but it is almost impossible to find MIJ Sony or MCC04 Verb in many areas including mine, also.
When compare the quality of MIT Sony and other type of MIT Verb, I found Staples brand DVDs are quite competitive.
Actually Staples brand DVDs are pretty good on my Lite-On though, but MIT Sony and MIT Verb (except MCC04) were coasters in my experience.
So don’t be prejudice.

You do not want to see thread about other brands that work well with some other people, just do not bother to read it and go on for TY(including MIJ Sony) and Verb thread. :doh:
Some people are still interested in variety of info. since this is not just for Verb or TY discs.

For the price, you are right about that. $12.99 is not a really cheap deal. $7.99 show up once in every two month approximately. I got mine at $4.99 for both + and -R some time ago. I do not use it for important data or movies, but I use it for DivX files of TV shows and series that really not needed for longevity.

As has been mentioned in other threads though, the whole point of this forum is to point out good deals. While I agree that the intentions are good, it is really hard for people to just sit back and say nothing when there is media that has consistantly proven to be superior at the same or lower cost (that and it is only a couple of threads down the page I might add). Had these been listed at the $5 mark responses probably would’ve been quite different. The fact of the matter is that most burners and firmware configurations will burn the Verbatim discs (regardless of media code) better. So if some newbie comes on here looking for great deals and we all sit back and say nothing when there are clearly better deals out there, we aren’t really helping anybody out. If there are some concerns about quality control issues with the Verbatim, well by the time you purchase a couple of spindles of these and factor in tax, you are within a couple of dollars of the 100 packs of TYG02 from which I can almost garantee will burn better than either of the formats of the Staples house brands.

thanks god, the forum is not CDFREAKS VERSION 2.0, I got lost at front page

I am not saying staples media are bad, just saying that the price should have been a bit better to make it a hot deal. I am acustomed to get Staples media for $6.99 per spindle of 50 and sometimes I use ink cartdridges or coupon like $10 off $30 purchase on Staples Brand to make it even better than $6.99 per 50. So IMHO, $12.99 for store brand media is not hot