Staples - 5/7 Maxtor 200GB internal HD for $50 AR

From their circular (haven’t check the reviews on this drive yet).

Maxtor 200GB 7200 RPM internal hard drive
Save $70
before $60 easy rebate
Valid May 7 - 13

Any more coupons available to reduce the price (other than toner cartridge).

I bought the same drive from Staples a month ago for $34.99 with help of coupon also.

Would be a good deal if it wasnt after rebate, I hate rebates even tho ive never gone threw one. I only do instant savings kinds. But a good deal none the less.

I’m 10/10 with my Staples easy-rebates. No UPC to cut, nothing to mail, just sign up online, punch in your receipt # and you’re done. Pretty painless.

Is it SATA or (U)ATA?

Their regular price for 200Gb SATA and PATA are the same, even if this is not SATA you can buy then without opening it after a week you can go back and exchange it for SATA.

thats cool,what else is on the sales??staples has allways been good to me also.
got my last 2 burners(1655 benq for 40 or less)??cant leave without atleast some lightscribe media.keep it comming!! whohoo!! :clap: :flower:

Same here. I always avoided buying stuff with rebates but Staples has a good system.

Can you give me a list of steps that I would do once I got it, like whats the website they would send me to, what would I have to have with me to fill it out etc.

Thanks Storm~

They will send you here. The site is pretty self-explanatory.

Thanks. And when they send you the easy rebate, its cash not like a staples gift card correct…


Is that correct, they send you cash, not a gift card or something. Right???

Thanks Storm~

They send you a postcard-sized cheque that you can then cash at your bank.

Could not seem to find it on their web site?? Never mind I found it…