Staples 16x +or-



My local Staples has the 16x on sale. So what is the preferred choice +or-?


No need for this new thread there are enough threads referencing this sale.


It depends on your drive and firmware. Usually the +r’s give better scans, especially if you have Lite-On drives.


I’ve seen the opposite in most cases, although they seem to burn fairly similar. If your store also has the 8x discs, I would suggest those, they burn better than the 16x discs.


They have both. I did not want to start a new thread but the other one was getting so long I thought it might be easier. I am useing a Maddog/Nec drive.
And thank you for the replys…


Again I’d suggest 8x, although the NEC would likely do a decent job of any of the discs but the 8x will burn better under most circumstances and with modified firmware they will often burn well at 12x. Please stick to the main thread next time, plenty of info there and it would have been answered there as well. Good Luck


Get the 8X! I have two batches(8 boxes of the new batch) and they are very consistant in burn quality! 1640,Plex and Pio does a great job with this media. Nec is just ok! 94-97 quality and a better burn than TYMIJ on two of my burners. Jump all over this deal while the 8X is still there!