Staples $14.94 Sony 50 spindle of -R is MIJ 16x Sony 16D1

I just bought a few packs of the Sony MIJ +R’s which are TY T02’s.

I bought one pack of the Sony MIJ -R’s which are Sony 16D1. Haven’t scanned them yet. Anybody have experience with them?

Watch out because there are Sony Made in Taiwan’s on the Staples racks.
The Made In Japan’s have larger rings on the bottom of the pack, and white rubber cushions on the top of the spindle. The MIT packs have a smaller ring at the bottom and no white cushion on top.

I know what you are talking about, the MIJ spindles have fat a$$ bottom, the MIT has slender spindle. I dont know if they are still doing empty ink cartdrigde trade in for $3 coupon. If they still do, that would bring down the price to $12 for $50. Interesting to see a new MID code for 16X -R Sony Media, post a scan will ya.

thank you

Ya gotta love CDFreaks! Just picked up two spindles of +R on this heads-up. (UPC 0-27242-64301-7, Sony P/N 50DPR47LS3) They are TY T02:

Manufacturer:    'YUDEN000'
Media type:      'T02'
Category/Version        A1
Disk size               0F
Disk structure          02
Recoding density        00
Product revision        0

Here’s my first scan of the Sony 16D1 with a Lite-On 1633s using CS0R firmware (which makes the drive think it’s a 1653). Perhaps someone can tell me why even with the firmware upgrade, Nero is only recognizing a max write speed of 8x.

Link to scan:

Because its only 8x media. The Sony 08D1 is the dash. Check the media code on your discs, I will bet they are Sony08D1


If they infact are T02’s - then they will certainly be 8x +R’s

For some reason - there is not a speed curve in the Wilton Parmenter Quality Scan - wonder why?


the 1633s could only write -r at 8x, even with 1653s firmware it may still be limited to 8x. don’t know for sure.

No, both Nero and DVD Identifier read the disk as a Sony 16D1 and the package indicates they are 16x -r’s MIJ. For some reason, no matter what firmware I use, I get better scans with +r’s, even though the q score and the PIF’s are decent here.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD-R
Book Type : DVD-R
Manufacturer: : unknown
Write speeds: : 4 X - 6 X - 8 X

There’s a read curve but not a write curve. I’ve looked at other scans from Lite-On owners and the “write speed” and “jitter boxes” are always ghosted. Perhaps the Lite-On’s don’t support these features on the Disk Quality scans?

Don’t forget the white rubber cushion at the top. The MIT’s don’t have that.

I think I’d rather keep my laser cartridge and refill it myself. It’s alot cheaper than buying new cartridges or refurbished ones.

See link in my prior post above. Will post a 2nd scan if it’s better.


Not ‘exactly’ correct there WP-

See my Quality Scans with my LiteOn 1693s here:

Definitely shows a write curve - but no jitter curve (seem to remember that only BenQ scans show that)-


Maybe for the 1693, but I don’t think the ability was there for the 1633.
Check the scans posted by others who have the 1633 in this threads. All have the write speed ghosted without a write curve:

Wow! I tried posting a thread in the Lite-On burner forum regarding Nero CD-DVD speed and 1633s write curve problems, and a message came up that this is a duplicate post.

Ok, if I can’t ask it there, perhaps somewhere here has the answer.

Just checked out the CD DVD speed thread and club member DynoMoHum wrote:

Re: CD-DVD Speed Disc Quality (PI/PIF) Test

Show write speed… I believe the show write speed, is only available on disks that were burned using CD/DVD Speed’s ‘create data disk’ function.

Is the above true?

Just went through several threads and it appears DynoMohum is correct. Only data test disks seem to have both read and write speed curves. The scans I’ve posted so far are from disks burned as ISO or UDF data disks, but not test disks.

Yo WP-

Well - that sure explains it-eh!

Great thing about these forums - you are always learnin’


I just returned from Staples and noticed that all the 50 packs on sale now are Made in Taiwan and have 1-16X on the side. Sony Accucore. The ones I bought on Sunday are Yudens and say Made in Japan on the label but they are no more. I think with Fuji and Sony and Maxell all subcontracting to Taiwan, Taiyo Yuden are getting harder and harder to find (rebadged) I was lucky to pick up 5 packs of the MIJs.

Alan -

I saw a load of MIJ’s at two Staples stores on Wednesday. The +r’s were mostly 8x MIJ’s and the -R’s were a combo of 16x MIJ’s and MIT’s. I bought a few +R’s and had to try one pack of -R MIJ’s (against my better wisdom) for medicinal purposes! :slight_smile:

Even though I generally get sub par scans with -r’s, :confused: I think that after all is said and done, all of us have become blank media addicts, and love to stock up on pretty colors of unopened packs! It’s almost like we’ve reverted to our baseball card collecting days. Pretty soon Topps is going to get involved and issue blank media checklist pdf files with a stick of gum in every pack!

I wouldn’t count on those MIJ /SONY/ TY for much longer, I already had plenty
but had to get 1 more 50 pack YudeenT02’s, Online T02’s are 40 some cents.

Hey Wilton, you should see my blank media collection, only 3 brands Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell. I have over 1500 blanks, but I never paid more .30 each for any of them.

One thing we never discuss with each other here is what exactly is our taste in collecting considering that we’ve become such media gluttons. Sometimes I think it’s better if not asked. :eek:

All I ask is how do you explain to a woman you’re late for a dinner date because you were enjoying a particularly good Kprobe or Nero disk quality scan on Where is this heading? Will be soon collecting png or jpg scan print outs that have been autographed by the author/poster?! :sad: :wink:

Getting back on track (at once), I rarely see Maxell’s on sale. How are those scans in comparison to TY’s?
Are the Verbatim’s MCC004 or MCC003? I’ve seen some excellent scans on the MCC004’s. Where do you buy the Verbatim’s and Maxell’s and does the MIJ theory hold true for them, too?