Staples 12% off- July 23- Aug 12

what about call for coupon verification in the details??

I’ve never had a problem using any of Staples coupons.

ANything good media wise at Staples this week?

I just got back from Staples, and they asked no questions, just punched it in, and gave me my 12% off.

I’ve used these coupons numerous times at numerous Staples here without any issue. A CSR asked me once where I got the coupon from (from the tone of her voice it seemed more out of curiosity than anything). I told her online and she continued to ring up the discount without any other question.

As a matter of fact I used this coupon today!

I got the 19" LCD for $145 and the Samsung Printer for $34 after Easy Rebates. Too bad the people in my family don’t appreciate the things I buy for them. :rolleyes:

Any one having trouble with the link, or is it just me?

i think it is just you
we can attach if you wish

I will try to use
saw a few things I liked
will cover the tax +

just afraid my register person will say this is not a card

Yes, please attach when you have time, still not working for me :confused:, I deal with 2 different Staples and they always honor the coupons :smiley:

Has any one used both the %12 coupon and the $15 Coupon ( combined for one purchase?.

Do you have Adobe Acrobat reader installed?

It’s a YMMV. Some stores will do it, some won’t. I know folks are using both in some places. So it depends on the CSR and manager you end up with.

Technically, they shouldn’t accept both coupons because the $15 is a copy and both say that you can’t use it with other offers.

You are right Steve is all depends on the store manager at that particular time you are dealing with. So deferent manager have deferent attitude, I might try to use both just for the sake of getting sense of how this thing work out.

Yes 7.0

Uninstalled Adobe and reinstalled and all is well, thanks for your help TCAS

You are more than welcome James, glad to hear problem been resolved.

I only have a b/w laser printer. Think there’ll be any problem using this coupon if it’s only in black and white?

I didn’t have any problems the few times I’ve printed them out in B&W.