Staples - 12% off in-store

Expires Dec 23.

Thanks this very useful information and good coupon.

thanks much for this. will be used real soon.

thanks much for this. will be used today.

used it with 3 $3 off (return inkjets) coupons to get 200 SONY DVDs for $37.26 tax included. THANKS

bump- good for 1 more week.

Thanks! Really nice deal. Too bad the Staples in my town stocks nothing but Memorex, Imation, Sony, and their house-branded DVD media. The only Verbatim they carry is lightscribe stuff.

True sometimes I find it hard to find something to use my $3 cart coupons on. Empty jewel boxes? Photo and printer paper. I did have some good luck with Staples DVD-Rs and +Rs; but the last batch of -Rs was mostly Cr@p, but since the 50 were free with coupons and discount no loss. The Sony
DVD-Rs have been good so far, I use the to record from my DVR so if they skip I can rerecord.

extra nice.

Just a few more days left- I’ve now used this coupon 4 times.

etp; you used to have lots of these type coupons from BB or Staples what happened?.