Staples - 12% off in-store July 31 through Aug 13

Here’s the direct download link:

Yo smubitch-

Good bargain-



Bump- starts this sunday

Check the other threads, I think you will find the same deal during the Fuji Sale also. Wow, 29 cents per disk and the Slim Packs look real good with this 12% off. Its only your fault if you miss out on this one!!! Time to stock up folks, this deal is too good to pass on.

Another bump. This is going on now. I’ve used it several times, so far.

My wife just used this today. The checkout person hassled her some and said it was only for employees. Said she needed to check with the manager then came back and said the manager was busy. Said she would give it to my wife but it was only for employees.

I had similar experience using the 2 day special employee discount recently as well. The clerks are idiots and just not worth it to spend time with them. Immediately ask for the managers. Just, as you experienced, expect to wait a little for the manager - who will also most likely have to ring you out since the clerks won’t know how to apply the coupons, etc. Lol.